my top 3 steals of the draft

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my top 3 steals of the draft

1) #27 pick JaJuan Johnson - this guy is flat out can play and can play a role in the NBA, he attain a consistent mid range jumper, he run the floor and make athletic plays as he a superb athlete for his size, despite being thin he play tough, the Maceo Baston/Hakim Warrick comparison of this site is so wrong, Johnson is 100 times the player Baston was and more and as for Hakim Warrick, he doesn't come close to Johnson defensively, good comparison will be Joe Smith/Taj Gibson.

2) #8 pick Brandon Knight - obviously worth more than that spot, has the construct of a top PG in the future.

3) #33 pick Tyler Honeycutt - fall to the second round, has all the attributes you need just need some work on getting stronger, defense and refine a little the 3 point shot, if does, could be great player to have on the wing.

others that worth mantion:

#15 pick Kawhi Leonard, #24 pick Jordan Hamilton, #41 Darius Morris, #55 pick E'twaun Moore.

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i also really liked singleton

i also really liked singleton at 18, thought he would have really helped out the Warriors on the defensive side of the ball...

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if i have been the Warriors i

if i have been the Warriors i would be taken Kawhi Leonard, who is good complimentary to all those scorers there, and he better allround than James Singleton.

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Norris Cole is going to be the steal of the draft especially with him playing with the Miami Heat. In Division one history, there's only been 2 guys to record a 40 and 20 game. One of them was Blake Griffin. The other guy? .. well the other guy was drafted 28th overall in the 2011 NBA Draft .

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My steals

Charles Jenkins - A very good defender, capable combo guard and efficient scorer. Wild prediction, he's better then Klay Thompson

Jajuan Johnson - He's going to end up being a very solid Haslem type of guy

David Lighty - Whoever gets him will get a very good rotation guard

Shumpert - He will end up being a very good defender

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I'd throw in Josh Selby(#49

I'd throw in Josh Selby(#49 to Memphis) into that list. I saw on many mock drafts going as high as #17 to the Knicks.

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Jeremy Tyler to the Warriors

Jeremy Tyler to the Warriors - A steal that I believe MJ regrets. I still can't see much seperation between him and Biyombo potential wise. Call me crazy, but if Tyler would've played in the NCAA this past year vs overseas he would've easily went top 5 especially with the quality of the draft. His stock got abused for doing basically what foreign prospects do everyday by getting paid to play at a young age.

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I like everyone mentioned on

I like everyone mentioned on this thread. Last year I was somewhat surprised that Jajuan Johnson wasnt rated a little higher...he ended up staying another year and still didnt project much higher, the biggest knock on him is he is thin, but like you said, that didnt stop Gibson from being a good player. Also, a thumbs up for Norris Cole, he will be a player.

My top 3:

Trey Thompkins, Isiah Thomas, and Marshon Brooks

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Not Sold On Knight...........

Im just not a fan of Knight. He has waaay to many holes in his game to be an effective starting NBA PG at this point. He's right hand dominant as a PG, he's not overly creative with his dribble in the sense that he wasnt consistently breaking people down. That kid from Ohio St. Aaron Craft put the cuffs on Kinight during the tournament. His shot is streaky at best i wouldnt exactly call him a sniper. And he is far from a playmaker. Any other year i juss dont think he would have been a first rounder. Im not saying he cant eventually develope in2 a good pro, but right now he is in prime position to flop and be a bust. If they Pistons try to force the starting role on this guy and move Stuckey to the 2 like ive heard then i dont think he will be getting a fair shot. Their best bet is to bring him along slowly as a backup becuz as is i dont think he's ready to contribute.

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Knight is overrated at this point.

Knight is overrated at this point. I've watched every Kentucky game this season and I can honestly say Knight has made huge strides during the season. That doesn't leave out he still remains inconsistent and raw and was just an above-average point guard at the college level who had the tendency to play unfocused and disappear during games. In the tournament he played a couple of very good games and showed the promise everyone was looking for during the whole season. Apparantly that was enough for everyone to jump on the bandwagon and proclaim the kid had arrived. No doubt he can become a solid starting point guard in time but don't expect too much too soon.

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he's 19...he played the way

Knight is only he's 19...he played the way Calipari asked him to play, and with Kentucky perimeter offense he was the most consistent player on both evens of the The NBA game created more oppurtunity than the college game for a guys like Knight, Walker, and Jimmer .... but we'll see

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MarShon Brooks in the mid-20s

MarShon Brooks in the mid-20s is a steal!

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Spurs trade- Leonard and

Spurs trade- Leonard and Bertans for Hill. Leonard wont push them to the next level but he should be a great energy guy/defender right away.

Picks 25-28 Brooks-Hamilton-Johnson-Cole

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definetly Hamilton at 26, he

definetly Hamilton at 26, he could have gone as high as 9!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Travis Leslie at 47 to the

Travis Leslie at 47 to the Clippers, im not saying he will be great, but his athleticism is unreal and could bring a lot of energy off of the bench!

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Trey Thompkins

Trey Thompkins

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Jimmy Butler, anytime you can

Jimmy Butler, anytime you can get a guy who can contribute for a contender at 30 I think that constitutes as a steal. I think Jimmy will be able to step right in and although I don't think his stats will wow anyone, I think he was a great value pick for Chicago and a guy capable of spelling Luol Deng who looked very tired the last 2 or 3 games of the Miami series due to the fact he averaged 39 mpg for the season and 42 mpg for the playoffs.

I think Deng will be the 1st unit guy who anchors the 2nd unit much like he did this season, but if Jimmy Butler can step in and play 15 mpg and spell Deng for even 5 mpg for an entire season that's 410 less mintues on Deng just for the regular season and throughout the playoffs I think you'll see a very different Luol Deng next May.

That's great value and I think Butler's defensive versitility and ability to take good shots and not force will allow him to step in and do exactly that for Chicago next season. I only think he'll average 4 or 5 ppg, but I think his value will far exceed his statistical output.

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Honeycutt - I think he can be

Honeycutt - I think he can be a starter at the 2 in time and end up with a game similar to Joe Johnson when he adds bulk.

Kawhi - I was 50-50 on him developing before he landed in SA. They will make sure he's at least a low level star.

Singleton - the most underrated player in the NBA is Luc-Richard, and Singleton has the potential to be that kind of player.

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Hopefully Jimmy Butler pans

Hopefully Jimmy Butler pans out. I didn't really follow him this year. But, I agree that backup 3 was one of the bigger holes for the Bulls (along with a starting 2 guard which they will probably fill in the free agency period). ... I think the Bulls screwed up trading Norris Cole. He sounded like a great backup point guard for them (their 3rd need). What's worse, he ends up on the Heat and may end up haunting the Bulls.

... I like the Kawhi Leonard pick up. They had to shake things up some and did it without giving up a core guy. That team needs youth at the forward spots (which I said they needed, as opposed to needing another big man which others said), and a solid, athletic rebounder. The Spurs ran into a really bad matchup in the first round (plus Z Bo played out of his mind). Of all the aging, fringe contenders (Spurs, Celtics, Lakers) I think the Spurs helped themselves the most. The Spurs now have a hole at backup point guard but there are tons of point guards out there if Corey Joseph isn't ready yet. I think they need to add a young shot blocker and a solid reserve point guard (perhaps a vet with playoff experience). They should still be good for a 4th or 5th seed next year. I forgot they got Davis Bertans in that trade too. He should help in the future.

Norris Cole helps the Heat and would form a good, young, two-headed point guard duo with Mario Chalmers (they gotta resign that guy).

I think Marshon Brooks will be a great fit on the Nets. He should be able to put up some points.

JaJuan Johnson is a guy I like but I am not sure he is going to be a huge difference maker for the Celtics. How is he different than Jeff Green? Their bigger holes were at center and backup point guard. I think I would have held onto Marshon Brooks...

Josh Selby? I like his upside. Has good potential. But now the Grizzlies have a log jam at the 1-3 spots, and Selby is neither a pure point guard nor a pure 3 point shooter. He was the best player on the board at #49 and he has lotto talent. It sounds like his foot injury messed him up which is why he struggled late. But, before that he played great at USC off the bench and hit the game winning shot. I like that. I also like that he tried to play with an injury which shows heart (even if it wasn't smart). At one point he was the number one prospect in high school. Even if Jon Diebler would have filled a more immediate need (3 point shooting) I like rolling the dice on Selby. If Xavier Henry turns into a 3 point marksman and if we pick up two solid big men (of whom one of which HAS TO BE A SHOT BLOCKER), then I really like the Selby pick.

How to play Selby? If I were the Grizzlies coach I would start Tony Allen at 2 and continue to bring OJ off the bench at the 8 or 9 minute mark of the first quarter. Then play him until the 4 or 5 minute mark and go with a second unit of Vazquez at point, Selby, OJ, Darrell Arthur up front with another big man. I think we have a deep team and need to use them all. Or we could start Xavier Henry for a few minutes then have a bench of GV, OJ, Tony Allen, DA, and another big man. That would give us a defensive anchor, a scorer, a big point guard, and a good big man coming off the bench. It would also let us utilize Xavier Henry (would add size, outside shooting, and balance to the starting lineup). Then use Josh Selby as an "Eleventh Man" in spurts as a guy off the deep end of the bench who comes and an attacks, slashes, and shoots jumpers taking the role of the standard sixth man but instead doing it later in the game such as late in the 3rd quarter when most teams go to their second unit and rest up for the stretch run. ... so you get Selby to attack and go all out for 4-5 minutes without interrupting the standard rotation. Or bring him in earlier in the game (end of the first or second quarter?) to see if he has it. If he does, then play him in the second half. If he doesn't have it then let him watch the rest of the game from the bench. I think starting Xavier Henry as a token starter, then substituting for a platoon second unit, then bring in Josh Selby as an "11th man" would get the most out of our lineup. ... then we need to get a 4th and 5th big man, either resigning Haddadi or bring in a veteran center and getting another cheap free agent (I like Will Coleman as a running, jumping, dunking, shot-blocking backup power forward/center/hometown hero).

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Nikola Mirotic- Bulls stash 1

Nikola Mirotic- Bulls stash 1 of the best young talents in Europe overseas. Only 20yrs old an starts for Real Madrid playing at the highest level of play in Europe. Already just won a MVP at a recent tournement and in 2-3 years when he comes to the NBA, he should be a immediate contributor. He's a top 5-7 player in this draft but his contract situation made him slide down the 1st round.

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I really like the Wizards

I really like the Wizards picking up Shelvin Mack at #34. He won't be dunking on anyone, but he has a good build and a consistent jumper that he can hit off the bounce. A nice change of pace to Wall at the point.

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