my top 14 picks

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my top 14 picks

1 LA Clippers Blake Griffin No Comment!!!!

2 Memphis Ricky Rubio Memphis needs a true PG

3 Oklahoma Cty Hasheem Thabeet He can be the defensive enforcer for OKC

4 Sacramento Jordan Hill I think the kings might trade this pick

5 Washington DeMar DeRozan I think can just be another weapon for the Wiz

6 Minnesota James Harden As much as they need a PG they will take Harden

7 Golden St. Brandon Jennings He is more of a PG than S. Curry is

8 New York Stephon Curry This would help help NY's fast paced Offense

9 Toronto Tyreke Evans They are good at every position except SG

10 Milwaukee Eric Maynor Redd still has a few years left, they need a PG more than anything else

11 New Jersey James Johnson He can add more depth to their roster

12 Charlotte Chase Budinger Okafor needs to be sorrounded w/ more shooters b/c he has improved his inside game

13 Indiana Johny Flynn Jjack is good but Flynn will help

14 Phoenix Wayne Ellington good replacement for S. nash

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i can't see Ellington going

i can't see Ellington going that high in the draft...same with Budinger

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Wayne Ellington can't play

Wayne Ellington can't play PG at the nba level. No way he can replace Steve Nash. Ellington is a pure shooting guard, the suns need a pure point guard.

Also no way the Bucks will pick Maynor over Flynn.

Also Jrue Holiday will go in the top 14, I promise you that.

The rest of your picks look good though.

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memphis doesn't need a true point guard but i can see them drafting rubio for some trade bait. memphis needs a true powerfoward. plus, curry's been named the second best point guard of the draft, which i could see sacramento drafting him, or draft hill and maybe make a big offer for rubio. WHERE'S CLARK???

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Pretty good but Mayners too early, and Flynn is too late.

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If they keep their core guys (Arenas, Butler, Jamison), they intend on contending next season. So I cant really see them goin for a boom/bust pick with Derozan. I think they will play it safe and take Harden if he's available because he could come in and help right away and thrive as the 3rd/4th option on a team.

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Ellington cannot play

Ellington cannot play PG

Maynor before Flynn will not happ

Wonder where you got that 12 pick from?

Clark not in the Lottery?

check out my lottery

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rubio goes #2 but gets traded

1. LAC- Griffin- handsdown if they trade him their crazy. davis,gordon,thorton,griffin,kaman.
2. MEM- Rubio- they'll draft him but trade him for a big.
3. OKC- Thabeet- they need a true center. westbrooke,durant,green,kristc,thabeet.
4. SAC- Hill- will try and trade him because they drafted thompson maybe even try to trade for rubio.
5. WAS- Harden- areas,harden,butler,jamison, heywood is a pretty good lineup.
6. MIN- DeRozan- they traded their last USC player but this year they wont.
7. GS- Jennings- jennings,ellis,jackson solid 3.
8. NYK- Curry- Coach D' wants him.
9. Tor- Evans- little bit of gamble but they need some better guards.
10. MIL- Henderson- they need a yound SG because Redd is getting old.
11. NJ- Clark- athletic small forward who can score and will help the Nets out a lot.
12. Cha- Johnson-but they could really use some size like Mullens!
13. IND- Budinger- put him with ford and granger and it will help them scoring.
14. PHX- Flynn- great backup for nash and will grow into his replacment.

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Sacramento Gets Rubio

1. Blake Griffin, LA Clippers

2. Ricky Rubio, Memphis - Trade this pick to Sacramento for the #4 pick and Jason Thompson

3. James Harden, Oklahoma City

4. Tyreke Evans, Sacramento - Trade this pick and Jason Thompson to Memphis for #2 pick

5. Jordan Hill, Washington - Trade this pick, Mike James, Etan Thomas to Dallas for Josh Howard and Jerry Stackhouse

6. Hasheem Thabeet, Minnesota

7. Brandon Jennings, Golden State - Trade this pick and Corey Maggette to LA Clippers for Baron Davis

8. Stephen Curry, New York

9. DeMar DeRozan, Toronto

10. Jonny Flynn, Milwaukee

11. Earl Clark, New Jersey

12. Wayne Ellington, Charlotte

13. Gerald Henderson, Indiana

14. James Johnson, Phoenix

15. BJ Mullins, Detroit - Trade this pick and Amir Johnson to Oklahoma City for #25 pick, Reason? cap space

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Carter 3...The pistons dont

Carter 3...The pistons dont need cap space.....AL and Wallace money came off the books

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Wayne Ellington is a

Wayne Ellington is a shooting guard brah.

Randy Foye is a shooting guard not a point guard. Taking Derozan or Harden here is pointless.

I can't see Tyreke Evans going in the top ten but that's just me

Milwaukee won't draft a point guard unless sessions isn't resigned. Scott Skiles loves luke ridnour too much for his own good to play sessions.

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Cap Space

QHaynes123...I read that the Pistons and Thunder are considering this trade. I know it sounds silly since the Pistons are already like 20mil under the cap already but I guess they are trying to get two big time free agents. Here is a link to the article:

If I were Detroit, I would try and make a deal with Houston for Tracy McGrady using Rip Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince. Finish cleaning house. Also I would keep the pick and draft BJ Mullins. Finally, I would try and sign two good freeagents. The ones I would consider are: SF Trevor Ariza (23), Lamar Odom (29), Shawn Marion (30), Ron Artest (29), PF David Lee (26), Paul Millsap (24), Carlos Boozer (27). Boozer has already said he would like to go to Detroit. I would do a sign and trade to free up some more cap space to sign one of the above small forwards. A team of Stuckey, McGrady, Odom, Boozer, Kwame Brown could contend next year.

Also, auber... I have been hearing that sessions is asking for too much money and that Milwaukee would rather keep Villanueva if forced to choose between the two. So them drafting a point guard is still a possibility...

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