My theory as to why Shaq looks significantly taller than other 7 footers

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My theory as to why Shaq looks significantly taller than other 7 footers

With the pre draft measurements of Cole Aldrich listing him at 6'9'' in bare feet and 6'11.25'' in shoes made me put two and two together as to why Shaq consistantly looked taller than other players his height. I read an article about Cole Adrich after the draft and it mentioned that he has a size 17 or 18 shoe and that was pretty big for someone his size. I honestly don't know what the average shoe size is for someone close to 7 foot tall, but since he came in the league Shaq has had some of the largest shoes in the league at a size 22. Is the reason why Shaq towers over other 7 footers because his shoes give him more height because for them to be proportional they add more height than someone wearing a 15?, Shaq is listed 7'1'' barefoot and I couldnt find a measurement on him with shoes. Just a theory, but I thought i'd run it past you guys, what do you think?

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I think its because players

I think its because players now are listed as their height with shoes, Shaq was listed as 7-1 without shoes and never with shoes. Therefore when he has shoes he is actually 7-2.5 while other centers are 6-11 with shoes

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The difference is that Shaq didnt try to add to his height by in shoes measurement. There was no need for him to add an inch or 2. Playersb how add that inch or 2 to try to raise there draft stocks. Kinda sad in a way.

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right thats the reason

right thats the reason because now almost every players size is with shoes and shaq´s size is always listed without shoes only that almost nobody knows about this difference. here are some pre draft measurments according to and the size according to

Shaq: Pre-Draft: 7'1 without shoes = > 7'1
Dwight Howard: Pre-Draft 6'9 without 6'10.25 with shoes => 6'11
Chris Bosh: Pre-Draft 6'10.25 without 6'11.5 with shoes => 6'10
Mike Beasley: Pre-Draft 6'7 without 6'8.25 with shoes => 6'10

we made the shaq point clear i thik because of the fact he is listed without shoes. but i put up the other guys because there are some questions:
why is bosh listed not only at but everywhere smaller than dwight although he has the same size without shoes as dwight has with shoes? i always thougt the pre draft measurements are pretty accurate but can somebody please explain and tell me who of the two really is taller?

i just added beasley because i thout it was funny that a guy measured at 6'7 without shoes is listed on the leagues official website at 6'10. pretty funny to see beasley grow right?

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Dwight was measured at 18 years old

Yeah, Dwight measured 6'9" without shoes when he was 18 years old, but today he's clearly taller than other players who measured the same coming out of college.

Dwight must be around 6'10.5" without shoes now, 6'11.5" with.

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You're right about Shaq

By today's standards, Shaq should be listed as 7'2" at least.

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Since we're speaking about

Since we're speaking about height i have to complain about kendrick perkins...he's listed at 6'10'' and the celtics announcer called him out at 6'11'' last night....watching him stand next to KG and Pierce he definitely looks more like paul's height then kevins...i couldnt find his height anywhere but here are my guesses for him

without shoes on: 6'8''
with shoes on: 6'9.25''

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Perkins is obviously short.

Perkins is obviously short. He is taller than big baby though who is 6'7 or 6'8" by a little. He is a wide body though so he can play Center and his wingspan is decent. That is why I say Orton could be a Perkins type and he is actually taller than what Perkins was when he was measured. I think Perkins grew a little so he may be a legit 6'9 without shoes.

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Idk about this. I don't

Idk about this. I don't really think the size of the shoe matters, the thickness of the sole (foam or air) is still the same. There's no difference from a size 10 to a size 16. I don't see why there would be a difference for shaqs case. I actually have a pair of size 19 shoes at home just for a practical joke, and the ride off the ground is just the same as usual

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