my take on the hall of fame induction

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my take on the hall of fame induction

first i would like to say, it's about time oscar schmidt got some recognition that was long well deserved. i loved how he walked up there looking like john malkovich from "red" and then spoke both humorously, and at the same time loving for his family and peers and how much respect he showed for the game of basketball itself. it was great when he said the best player ever in his opinion was larry bird. so many peers showed him so much respect and the whole thing was touching and very classy. i'm happy for him.

i loved rick pitino's speech and his take on coaching. i thought it was a class act for him to give so much credit to his players and also to others who made him become the coach that he is. i absolutely loved that story he told when he was on the celtics and he asked red for advice and red says ask the players. when he did they didn't have an answer. to me that was hilarious! i actually think he could be a better coach in the nba right now than when he was on the celtics based on the new zone rules that would help his pressing style of play. he seemed very humble and modest.

roger brown's gave me a little goose bumps. the guy meant so much to the game in his time and never got the credit he deserved. it is a little sad that he's not here to accept his due diligence, but i am glad he got in.

i'm glad gary payton got in, as he deserves it being one of the best point guards of all time. his speech though was a little disappointing to me though because he kept referring to the great john stockton of whom he was giving praise to as "this man" and never actually addressed him by name. not that stockton wasn't introduced up there, but when you do a hall of fame speech and you address your peers, addressing them by name is much more personal. "just my opinion" was great though. i love how he said stockton was his toughest guard. fact is everyone is different and some players are tougher to guard for certain players than others. nba is a game of match ups and stockton was a handful for payton and i am glad he gave him that credit. most people give the slight edge to jason kidd, imo, i would rather have gary payton.

anyways, i could go on, but those to me stood out the most. i was impressed with just about all of the inductees. anyone else have any thoughts or anything to say about the hof or anything to add?

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I think Rick Pitino figured

I think Rick Pitino figured out the modern game better than anyone. He utilized the 3 point line as a coach and took a Providence team that basically bombed 3's all the way to the Final Four. Then at Kentucky he used a modern type defense that used long, athletic defenders at every spot on the floor. They could hound you in a full court press (the full court press goes back all the way to John Wooden and his assistant coach Denny Crum at UCLA -- probably even before that), as well as in the half court.

Those Kentucky teams could also shoot the 3. So you combine the 3 with a modern defensive scheme and you have a great team. Especially with Pitino's recruits.

Then last year he took a team of solid above average talent, got them to play defense and they hit enough 3's (mainly from Luke Hancock) to win the title.

Defense and 3 pointers win you games in modern basketball. Rick Pitino figured that out and has 2 college titles to show for it.

I also agree that Pitino would be better in today's NBA. I think he has softened a bit and would be more of a player's coach. And, NBA guys know now that defense and shooting 3's are ESSENTIAL.

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