My quick take on the Wizards and their young 2GUARD

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My quick take on the Wizards and their young 2GUARD

Bradley Beal looks really good - he's 3rd in scoring this preseason among all NBA players, and I really can smell a breakout year for him. I think he and John Wall will make for an extremely formidable and talented backcourt. They also have some dependable backups in Eric Maynor, Glen Rice (who looks darn good). But the biggest thing is how unreliable their frontcourt is. Ariza is hit and miss, Porter may not have much of a role this season, and Webster is a nice shooter off the pine...

The problem with the Wizards is their frontcourt is a hodgepodge of inconsistent and redundant role players. Their only semi-talented offensive weapons are Nene and Kevin Seraphin. Okafor and Booker are defensive-minded and undersized for their position. Vesely and Singleton shouldn't see the court if the Wizards intend to contend. Knowing Nene, when he plays you get 12 points and 6 boards, when he doesn't play (which is probably 25-35 games this season) he is replaced with Seraphin who gives you 10 and 6. The Wizards need to think about adding a frontcourt scoring option before the trade deadline.

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Easier said than done

Every team can use more front court scoring. This is a premium. They aren't going to get such player without giving up something if equal value.

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They added Al Harrington who

They added Al Harrington who could possibly provide some scoring if healthy.

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Beal looks like the best

Beal looks like the best player on his team. He's being more aggressive off the bounce and it's opening up his entire game. He's such a good shooter that defenders have to play him close which is allowing him to use a power first step to get by them. Beal's also attacking closeouts better.

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He is the best player on his

He is the best player on his team John Wall looks terrible in the pre season. I expect Beal to be the only lottery pick the Wiz got right.

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the lack of..

Both Beal and Wall seem to be pretty good, but the lack of any type of defense and big man is really going to wear both of them out as the season goes along. Nene has never played a full 82 season.

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Beal reminds me of a young

Beal reminds me of a young Joe Johnson think about his playing style while he was member of the Suns. Obviously there is a glaring difference in size between the two, with Beal measuring out around 6'3-6'4 210lbs and Joe at 6'7 230lbs but the way in which they attack the game offensively is remarkably similar in my opinion.

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Yea, Beal seems to have

Yea, Beal seems to have improved alot

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