My opinions of the Utah Jazz

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My opinions of the Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz are an interesting team to watch. Currently, they hold a record of 25-22, sitting at 9th place in the Western Conference, 0.5 games behind the Houston Rockets.

The Jazz have a ton of talent, especially loaded in the frontcourt. They have a top 5 center in Al Jefferson, and a solid 4 in Paul Millsap.

Coming into this season, these two players seemed to be the "go-to" guys, but now the ball seems to be evenly distributed as the Utah Jazz is getting great contributions from some of their younger guys. A few of the names I had in mind were Alec Burks, the rookie shooting guard out of Colorado, Gordon Hayward, the second year guard/forward out of Butler, Derrick Favors, the second year power forward out of Georgia Tech, and Enes Kanter, the rookie center out of Turkey.

All four of these guys have been playing extremely good basketball for their determined roles, and they give the Utah Jazz fans hope for the future.

Now in my opinion, with the emergence of Favors and Kanter in the frontcourt, Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap become expendable. These two guys could attract a team with a good set of guards to pull the trigger. Both guys are young, talented bigs who could really help out a team's inside scoring and rebounding.

The only thing that is really seperating the Jazz from being a top-notch team is a good point guard. Devin Harris is not a bad player by any means, however I just don't think he fits in with the core of younger players that the Utah Jazz are trying to move along with.

If the Utah Jazz can create a package involving both Millsap and Jefferson, or just one of the two, the could bring in a really solid point guard and send one of these younger players in to the starting rotation whether it be Kanter or Favors, both seem more than comfortable being out on the floor.

Alec Burks seems to be a potential option at the 2 for the future, so I'd keep that spot available just in case he does develop into the 2-guard that the Utah Jazz would be comfortable with.

I must say that of all the guys I have mentioned, none of them have impressed me more than Gordon Hayward. I must admit that I was on the Butler bandwagon, but my respect for him has transferred from college to the pros, somewhere I thought he would struggle.

There is really little that Hayward can't do. He can score around the rim, shoot a pretty jump-shot, pass the ball, rebound the ball, steal the ball, and even block the ball with good defensive efficiency. He's a hustle player who tries 100% on every play, and for as thin as he is, he sure does dunk the ball a lot. He is always looking to 'woo' the crowd, and he has been doing that in Utah for the past year.

So overall, I'm very impressed with Gordon Hayward, the Utah Jazz, and their core of young players. I think if they created the right package they could attract a nice, young point guard to compliment these younger players. What do you guys think about the Utah Jazz?

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Two things I disagree with.

I see where your coming from with trading Big Al and/or Millsap and/or Harris for an allstar PG. But here's the problem. I don't know of all any allstar point guard who is on his way out of his current team. Possibly Rajon Rondo, but I've heard that Doc Rivers loves him and has never had a better relationship so I don't see that either. Maybe Russell Westbrook, then again he has a good relationship with the true leader of the Thunder, Kevin Durant. So I have little to no doubt that he will stay. Try Steve Nash, wait a second, he's old, will never ask for a trade and the Suns won't trade him unless he himself asks for a trade. Which tells me if he leaves the Suns it will be for the Hall of Fame not for another NBA team. There aren't any other high caliber PG's that I know of that are on their way out of their current teams. So unless you want to bring back Dwill, then there's no chance the Jazz could get an high caliber PG for Big Al and/or Millsap and/or Harris. Very few NBA teams are willing to give up high caliber PG's.

The second thing I disagree with is when you said you were impressed with Gordon Hayward. You must not be watching much Jazz games because Hayward has had very few solid games. Last night's game was one of those few. Yes, its true he can do practically everything on the basketball court but he also lacks the ability to take over a game. He is good at everything but a master of nothing. Sometimes I get the feeling that he is too passive and therefore tends to disappear more often than not. Although there are those games where he does have a solid game but those games are few and far between. I actually think that he is the least impressive out of all of the Jazz youngsters. So with that being said, I'd be more happy if the Jazz draft either Kendall Marshall or Damian Lillard and then in the offseason trade Big Al and/or Devin Harris and/or Paul Millsap and/or CJ Miles for a solid 3. Maybe Danny Granger, or Gerald Wallace,(with Dwill on his way out, Wallace isn't the player to attract other stars so both Dwill and Wallace are probably on thier way out) or Josh Smith (not quite sure if you should really count him as a 3, but he is a top caliber talent that is on his way out of Atlanta) With that solid 3, the Jazz's starting line will be just as good as their bench. Hayward can move to the bench and become the team's 6th man.

One thing that is clear is that the youngsters on the Jazz have developed well despite playing behind veterans and consequently not getting the playing time that other young lottery draft picks usually receive.

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I think we will make the

I think we will make the playoffs. We got some good vets like big Al, Millsap and Harris (whos game has gotten so much better). Favors is a double double machine when he gets some minutes, and looks ready to take over the pf spot at anytime. Hayward has been ballin lately. Burkes has finally gotten his chance and hasnt disapointed. Kanter gives them size and rebounding. The future is looking very bright in Salt Lake.

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