My NBA Draft 2014bPlayer Comparisons

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My NBA Draft 2014bPlayer Comparisons

1. Jabari Parker
Best Case Scenario: Carmello Anthony / Paul Pierce
Realistic Scenario: Antioine Walker
Worse Case Scenario: Alan Anderson ( )

2. Julius Randlle
Best Case Scenario: Zach Randolph / Terry Cummings
Terry Cummings was a great, very talented, tough, strong, physical, and very skilled 1980s all-star power forward ( )
Realistic Scenario: Micheal Beasley / Al Harrington
Worst Case Scenario: Glenn " Big Baby" Davis

3. Joel Embiid
Best Case Scenario: Akeem Olajuwon
Realistic Scenario: Jermaine O'Neal
Worst Case Scenario: Saer Sene

4. Andrew Wiggins
Best Case Scenario: Andre Igudala / Shawn Marion
Realistic Scenario: Gerald Green / Corey Brewer
Worst Case Scenario: Wesley Johnson ( )

5. Marcus Smart
Best Case Scenario: Dwayne Wade
Realistic Scenario: Rodney Stuckey / Tony Allen
Worst Case Scenario: Dominique Jones

6. Noah Vonleh
Best Case Scenario: Shareef Abdur-Rahim
Realistic Scenario: David West
Worst Case Scenario: Hilton Armstrong

7. Aaron Gordon
Best Case Scenario: Kenyon Martin
Realistic Scenario: Kenneth Faried
Worst Case Scenario: Tyrus Thomas

8. Kyle Anderson
Best Case Scenario: Lamar Odom
Realistic Scenario: Boris Diaw
Worst Case Scenario: Austin Daye

9.Doug McDermott
Best Case Scenario: Wally Szczerbiak
Worst Case Scenario: Luke Babbit

10. Nik Stauskas
Beast Base Scenario: Rex Champman / JJ Redick
Realistic Scenario: Brent Barry
Worst Case Scenario: Luke Jackson

11. Rodney Hood
Best Case Scenario: Rashard Lewis
Realistic Scenario: Danny Granger
Worst Case Scenario: Calbert Chaney ( a good role player )

12. TJ Warren
Best Case Scenario: Coron Butler
Realistic Scenario: Rodney Rodgers
Worst Case Scenario: Ryan Comes

13. Semaj Christon
Best Case Scenario: John Wall
Realistic Scenario: Keyon Dooling
Worst Case Scenario: John Gilchrist

14. Shabazz Napier
Best Case Scenario: Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf ( )
Realistic Scenario: Carlos Arroyo ( )

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Nik Stauskas Best Case Scenario

Nik Stauskas
Best Case Scenario: Rex Champman / JJ Redick

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Brent Barry > JJ

Fun topic. Do not agree w/ all of them, but I do like the Rodney Hood/Rashard Lewis and I never thought of Marcus Smart/Dwayne Wade, which is defintely a very very best case scenario, but I like it.

On the other hand, I will take Brent Barry in his prime over JJ Redick any day of the week, so I really don't know about that. You clearly are not very fond of Wiggins if his "best case scenario"is Iggy, who is very good, but best case scenario? And COREY FREAKING BREWER??? I'm not some huge Wiggins fan, but damn that seems a little harsh. Going by the definition of absolute best case scenario I think Wiggins is like a T-Mac. Do I think he will be? HELL NO, but it's his best case scenario.

It seems you prefer Jabari b/c he actually has a best case scenario that fits the defintion of "best case scenario"... being superstars like Carmelo or Pierce. Antoine Walker never saw a shot he didn't like...I see that closer to worst case scenario than most realistic, and Jabari is vey team oriented.

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I agree with a lot of the

I agree with a lot of the comparisons, obviously none of these guys will be exactly like any one other player so overall its pretty good. I hope you don't get negged by people for going conservative on a lot of them, and you deserve a +1 just for not mentioning Blake Griffin with Aaron Gordon.

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Nice work, props on the

Nice work, props on the effort to put it together and I like comparisons in this format. As a matter of personal opinion I'd say I dont like the comparisons for:

Wiggins - he's already a much better shooter than Iggy and Marion were when entering the league and can improve, there's nothing wrong mechanically with his shot, it's actually quite nice. His best case has to be higher than that becuase most agree the potential to be a standout is there, just with a bigger risk factor.

Randle - I've never understood the mention of Randolph other than the bully factor, Randle is on a whole other level of athletecism to him (so the Big Baby comp. is off too)

I like the Smart = a mix of Stuckey and Allen

Also think a rich mans prime Jermaine O'neal is a great comparison for Embiid.

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Thank You for the compliments

Julius Randle in my opinion has a skill level and playing style that is very similar to Zach Randolph's Skill Level. And in my opinion Julius Randle also has the physical tools, athletic skills, and a dynamic skill set that is very similar to the great abilities that Terry Cummings possessed when he was a high level basketball player in the 1980s. The reason I know about Terry Cummings is because I like to study the past history of great basketball players. And Terry Cummings was one of the players from the past that I like and I just fell in love with his special talents. Because he played the power forward position like it should be played. With tenacity, toughness, heart, dynamic skill, and the utilization of a strong fundamental skill foundation

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Randle and Z-Bo

You know I see a lot of Z-Bo in Randle, really I do. But I just don't see him being able to be as effective as Z-Bo is in the NBA for two reasons: Size and Wingspan. Julius is a man amongst boys in the college game, yes, but in the NBA he will face competition with far superior physical tools than most college players possess on a nightly basis. So now we start to project him going forward by asking ourselves how will his 'under the rim' brute force drives (his bread & butter) translate to the pro level? He has Blake Griffin's wingspan without the athletic prowess that Griffin has nor the size of Z-Bo. If he can defend the perimeter, work on his range and make the high post his area of expertise, may be he can turn into a very effective All star caliber player.

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Andrew Wiggins

I laugh at the best case scenario for Andrew. He is too effective in the offensive end to just be a Shawn Marion Type of player. He is raw, not much footwork, juke moves, hesitations and an inconsistent jumper but the fact that he's averaged 28 PPG in the first four games without Embiid shows that he has the chance to be an elite wing player; his ceiling has no roof basically. In 2-3 years time, he will have at least an All star appearance and will eventually contend for a spot as a top 7 player in the league. As mention by Mike Schmitz for DX, he says Wiggins' weakness is 'create offense'. In detail, he says that his handle is shaky and he can't pass on the move. However, I want to point out that he has shaky handles and therefore negates his ability to pass the ball on the move. So once he tighten up his handle, it'll basically be hitting two birds with one stone. He has received numerous criticism for the lack of shots that he takes when in fact he's playing the game the right way; he plays within the offense and himself. You can see that in his Final game at the Round 32, they went zone so as to negate his straight line drives (his greatest asset now) and in several instances he made the correct decision which is to pass.

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Well if your realistic case

Well if your realistic case scenarios panned out, this would be a pretty weak draft lol. I feel that your realistic case scenarios for the guys in the top 5 are more like worst case scenarios...

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I disagree with you, but I respect your opinion

1. Antoine Walker was a very good basketball player

2. Micheal Beasley is an extremely talented basketball player and Al Harrington was a very good player when he was younger and a valuable contributor to the teams he played for

3.Jermaine O'Neal was a very talented, very skilled, and a extremely productive player when he was younger and a 5 time all-star

4. Gerald Green is a extremely talented player and a freakish athlete who's starting to play with a high level of understanding that allows him to be a consistently valuable contributor to his team. If Gerald Green keeps on improving, I won't be surprised if he becomes an all-star and a top 10 shooting guard in the NBA. And corey brewer is a good NBA player who's been a solid and valuable contributor to the teams he's plays for

5. And Rodney Stuckey and Tony Allen are very good NBA players. Not great, but just very good NBA players

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didn't even give doug

didn't even give doug mcdermott a realistic lol

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i know i say this alot but

i know i say this alot but tj warren is best case paul pierce very similar games and tj is a year younger than when pierce exploded so he is more developed at this point in his career

i dont see the parker paul pierce at all very different games i see the melo one but not pierce if you watch warren he is much more reminiscent of pierce than parker because warren is the definiton of an elite scorer i think saying his ceiling is caron bulter is a diservice to warren he scored more and more efficently than butler could stat wise throughout his college career pierces is the most comparable

warren 24.8 pts .525 fg% 7.1 rbs 1.8 stls

pierce 20.4 .513 fg% 6.7 rbs 1.1 stls

also i dont like to rogers comparasion rogers was a freak athlete and often used that to score but warren is more of a finese player

warren's 13/14 highlights

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Since when did wingspan

Since when did wingspan become the be all end all deciding factor of whether you can be a good NBA player or not? From reading this board you'd think that wingspan is the only thing that matters. Julius Randle has the same wingspan and size as Kevin Love and Kevin Love has averaged 14 boards in the NBA and although Kevin Love scores a lot on jumpshots, he is also an effective scorer on the block.

Here's what no one is talking about with Randle. He is a good shooter and he can face up and score off the dribble comfortably. Most NBA power forwards can't do both of those things and some can't do either. We haven't seen much of it in his freshman season because of his role but it is clear when you watch him that he is capable of those things and those are the skills that determine if a power forward with questionable size and length who mostly overpowers smaller college players can be effective in the NBA.

Add that to the fact that he is an excellent rebounder and although some of his bully ball points will be negated in the NBA, not all of it will. The only downside for me is that he is going to offer zero rim protection and I expect him to be one of the worst defensive power forwards in the league.

In his prime I expect 20 & 12 with horrible defense. That is good enough to be a top 5 pick in any draft and should probably put him in the conversation for top 3 in most drafts including this one. For some reason everyone is so focused in on his weaknesses that they're completely ignoring his very considerable strengths.

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I enjoyed reading that.

I enjoyed reading that. Well-done! Love the Terry Cummings reference. I don't agree with all of them but overall, they were well thought out.

Lamar Odom is a big man who happens to be able to dribble pretty well and Boris Diaw is a big man who happens to be able to pass pretty well. Kyle Anderson is a point guard who happens to be very tall. There's a big difference. That's why I'm not real high on those two for a comparison. I'm sticking with a taller Reggie Theus.

Note: some people are seeing your worst-case scenarios and arguing that those players weren't bad players. I don't think you were saying that they were bad players, just that the player you're comparing him to will be "as good as that player or better." It's more of a compliment to the younger player than an insult to the one to whom you're comparing him.

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