my mock

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my mock

what do you think about my mock draft . as a aussie im also interested where you think patty mills.will go and if you think joe ingles and luke nevill will be drafted

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Mills will go somewhere in

Mills will go somewhere in the 18 to 29 range. I don't think Nevill or Ingles will be drafted but I could be wrong.

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late 2nd. 7-2 center needs to be more agressive and I could see him being a solid backup center.

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Agree about Nevill. I think

Agree about Nevill. I think Mills can fall to round 2 if some those teams go PG early and CLE and LAL go best SG or F available.

I dont think Henderson is going in the lottery, Holiday is too low, Daye is too high, Collison is also too high.

Overall though, its pretty solid

check out my mock and post

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fellow aussie!!!
i dunno where patty will go.. i hope somewhere he can come off bench as 6th man and tear up..
or run a team while sharing minutes.. (think like kyle lowry/aaron brookes - where he is brookes)
wouldnt mind if he went to minnesota, and they picked up ai, so iverson coud teach him how to score around the basket while being 1cm tall, and how to take fouls and finish.. and make 7-8 ast per game.. things pat needs to work on most i think.
i know he said unless he is told by atleast two teams they will take him in first round he wasnt going to stay in draft.. so going by that i reckon late first. (also depends on if he gets a good agent ???)

ingles will end up in minny or detroit i reckon - just cos they got a couple picks in 2nd round each so might use one of them on him? see how he goes in italy anyways. will probly end up playing 7-10mins a game somewhere or drop down n rock the d-league

big lukey will go undrafted then be signed to houston as a free agent. watch fsn513!
to be yaos pet monkey.
then he can make mullens cry in an actual game.
not just practice.

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I think Mills will go in the late first and Nevill in the late second maybe, but he could go undrafted. Dejauan Blair seems too high, and I cannot see Jeff Teague falling to the Mavs at 22, but if he does, that would be a steal for the Mavs.

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