MY idea of who the top 15 prospects are for the draft (subject to change) 10/17/13

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MY idea of who the top 15 prospects are for the draft (subject to change) 10/17/13

1) Andrew Wiggins, 6'7'' SF, Kansas
- Pretty simple on this one, a once in a decade talent...and then-some. Should be a lock for #1 barring any catastrophe. His athleticism, aggressiveness, and overall skillset are to drool over.

2) Jabari Parker, 6'8'' SF, Duke
- I think there's a bigger gap between Wiggins and Parker then most. I think Parker has a vast repertoire of offensive moves and he's already an NBA sized SF. It'll be interesting to see how he plays in his first year under coach K.

3) Marcus Smart, 6'4'' PG, Oklahoma State
- My favorite prospect in the draft. Picture a more athletic Tyreke Evans who can actually shoot and a more intense demeanor and you have a somewhat relevant idea of who Marcus Smart is.

4) Julius Randle, 6'9'' PF, Kentucky
- I've watched him play a few times, and in most drafts he'd be the number 1 pick, he's a flat-out beast. I think he can average a double-double as a true frosh.

5) Joel Embiid, 7'0'' C, Kansas
- Embiid is raw, as are most 18 year old 7-footers, but he has the length, coordination and skillset to be a freak of nature on the defensive end. I honestly see him being a 2 year type player.

6) Dante Exum, 6'6'' SG, Australia
- I can't properly comment on Exum because of how little I've seen him play but from the sounds of it, this guy is a cool customer, smooth with the ball, and has a very high ceiling.

7) Wayne Selden, 6'5'' SG/SF, Kansas
- Boy does this guy have a game wise beyond his years. He's mature, smart, tough, gifted and almost everything you want in a wing. The only problem is his height, or lack thereof. It should be interesting to see if Selden exudes more of a Mitch Richmond/James Harden look or more ...Bill Walker/Xavier Henry. I got my eye on him.

8) Semaj Christon, 6'3'' PG, Xavier
- The amount of people sleeping on this guy is purely absurd. He's got a Damian Lillard/John Wall look all over him. He's a monster athlete, and its unfortunate his talent wont be seen much this year being on a mediocre team in a relatively small-ticket conference.

9) Dario Saric, 6'10'' SF, Croatia
- Saric not coming out last year surprised me, I thought he would have been a lock for the top-20 and in this deep draft he might slide. But that being said, I believe he's a better player than Nikola Mirotic and has too much offensive talent to be a bust.

10) Willie Cauley-Stein, 7'0'' C, Kentucky
- I don't think he'll ever be much of an offensive powerhouse. I think he's too talented to be a Ryan Hollins clone but I don't know if he ever reaches Tyson Chandler. Cauley-Stein blocks shots. That's his specialty, and being so well-coached (puke) at Kentucky should help him head into the league with a mature mind.

11) Gary Harris, 6'4'' SG, Michigan State
- Harris is a tough one for me to judge. Michigan State has sent a lot of SG's to the NBA (Jason Richardson, alan Anderson, mo Peterson, Shannon brown, even Maurice Ager had a stint) and I think Gary is next in line. He has a vast set of skills that make him a bit of a matchup nightmare. He's a deadly shooter, and is an underappreciated athlete. Does he have a killer instinct? That's yet to be seen. But I think he could be almost as good as Brad Beal.

12) LaQuinton Ross, 6'8''' SF, Ohio State
- My first surprise right? Well, Ross has shown us just glimpses of his capability and its flat out scary. He has been stuck behind DeShaun Thomas for the past two seasons and I thoroughly expect him to have a monster season. He was clutch in the tournament and should provide a much-needed offensive punch for the Buckeyes.

13) Glenn Robinson III, 6'6'' SF, Michigan
- GR3 is a high-motor, above-the-rim type player with a raw skillset - almost too raw for a 6'6'' wing. Glenn needs to have a monster season this year to help ease the loss of Trey Burke and I hope he channels his inner big dog and shows his improved game.

14) Aaron Gordon, 6'8'' SF/PF, Arizona
- Aaron Gordon might be the most fun player to watch this season in college basketball. He's an undersized power forward that could probably touch the net on a 14 foot rim. He's got a silly vertical leap and that was all on display at the McDonalds AA dunk contest this year. He might be a 2 year type guy but he'll certainly draw some Blake Griffin comparisons.

15) Mario Hezonja, 6'7'', Croatia
- Boom, the 2nd Croatian to make this list. Hezonja has busted onto the scene as of late with a reported growth spurt (now coming in closer to 6'8'') and with his ball-handling, ability to shoot, and quickness, he has the attributes of a pretty solid NBA 2 guard. With all that being said, Euro 2-guards traditionally have a tougher time defending in the NBA due to the simple fact that they're generally less explosive. Hezonja could help fix that stereotype.

just missed:
Andrew Harrison, 6'5'' PG, Kentucky
James Young, 6'6'' SG, Kentucky
Cory Jefferson, 6'9'' PF, Baylor
Doug McDermott, 6'8'' SF, Creighton
Jahii Carson, 5'10'' PG, Arizona State

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Good write up and I like your

Good write up and I like your list, but I have to disagree with Ross.

He is long and fairly athletic, but looks incredibly slow while moving laterally on the court. He's very long and I don't necessarily think he has the quickest feet. Don't get me wrong, I think he's an NBA player, but rather a late 1st rounder. I'd bet on him increasing his production this season as well, but in my opinion I think he's going to be a double digit scorer and 2nd team Big 10 type player.

I could be wrong, but he looks like a guy who tests well athletically, but doesn't always play like it. Josh McRoberts is another guy who is the same way, but we'll see. I just don't see Ross as a big time NCAA player next year, solid, long and NBA potential, but not the kind of guy someone takes before 25.

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2014 Draft

2014 Draft is going to be epic. I love the talent of this group. Nice post.

BTW- why Saric over Mirotic? As a Bulls fan I am curious because all I have heard is that Mirotic is a cannot miss prospect. Maybe not a star, but a solid, legit NBA contributor immediately when he arrives.

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I don't think it is OK to

I don't think it is OK to compare those players. Mirotic is a scorer, Saric is some sort of point forward... I think Mirotic could contribute immediatly in the NBA; while Saric could need some work but still be very productive in the long run.

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Decent choices but the only

Decent choices but the only thing I really disagree with it your summary of Marcus Smart. He shot awfully last year, arguably worse than Tyreke Evans did during his year at Memphis.

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Just throwing out a name to

Just throwing out a name to follow... Rasmus Larsen who turns 19 next month had 21 points (7-10 shooting, 2-4 from three) and 13 rebounds (4 offensive) in the first game of the ACB season. Neither Manresa nor Joventut are top tier ACB clubs, but it is an impressive start.

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Good list at this point! IMO

Good list at this point! IMO I would probably take Andrew Harrison over Laquinton Ross and Glenn Robinson. I agree with much of what JoeWolf1 had to say about Laquinton Ross but will be interesting to see as the year goes on. I also am interested in seeing Glenn Robinson III this year as last year he often seemed to allow Burke and Hardaway to outshine him, I do like his motor though. I like both of these players, but I like the potential of a strong, athletic 6'5 point guard in Harrison a little more. Having seen him play a lot I'm impressed in his ability to set his teammates up for baskets, but also be able to takeover and score when needed. Good prospect

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I don't know how to rank the

I don't know how to rank the top 10 as I have not seen many of them. BUt I have a hard time seeing any way aaron Gordon is not top 10 if not higher. DX has him 4th, this site has him 18th. Ive seen a couple of his highschool games. Dude is legit and should have no problem transitioning to sf. Like I said, I cant rate every guy people rank ahead of him, but if he is not top 10, then this 2014 draft is gonna be amazing.

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