My Hope for 2014 as a 76er fan

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My Hope for 2014 as a 76er fan

Hopefuldefinitelye land a Top 3 pick in The 2014 draft, I'm going to go against the grain and say we get the 2nd pick and select Jabbari Parker of Duke...

Hopefully New Orleans has a rough 1st first year with all their new additions and their pick lands in the 6-14, I feel horrible that I'm hoping they fail to make the playoffs or land a top 5 pick but a deal is deal and I want a 2nd lottery pick in a deep draft...

Hopefully while we are tanking in 2013 we develop our young guys and give them all the playing time possible, let MCW start at Pg, Put Evan Turner at the Sg/Sf spot, let Noel work his way into the lineup slowly, Royce White should see time at Sf/Pf and I want to see Arnett Moultrie play a lot of C...If these players are to reach their potential they need a lot of playing time early in their careers and 2013 is a perfect trail by fire season to throw MCW, ET and Noel to the wolves, I want to see what they do...

Hopefully fan favorite Thad Young is respectfully traded to a contender to clear as much Cap Space for the 2014 Free Agent Class, Spencer Hawes, Lavoy Allen and Kwame Brown are all out the door next year and that would give the Team a lot of Cap Space...

Hopefully we use that cap space in 2014 to take a huge chance on Restricted Free Agent Center Demarcus Cousins, if the Kings struggle again this year and DMC says that he wants out I doubt they match a Near Max Contract Offer by the Philadelphia 76ers, Cousins would be joining another young team that would still be finding itself but the potential on the 76ers would be through the rough...


Micheal Carter Williams (11th overall pick in 2013)
Evan Turner (2nd overall pick in 2010-RFA resigned for 4 years/32 million)
Jabbari Parker (Top 3 overall pick in 2014)
Nerlens Noel (6th overall pick in 2013)
Demarcus Cousins (5th overall pick in 2010-RFA signed for 4yrs/60 Million)

We will definitely need a bench, we'd only have F/C-Arnett Moultrie and F-Arsalan Kazemi on the roster, we do have another 2014 lottery pick via New Orleans and multiple 2nd round picks plus additional cap space to sign Free Agents X,Y and Z to fill out the roster...

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1. That would be the worst

1. That would be the worst shooting starting 5 in the NBA

2. This will never happen.

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I really hope we don't resign

I really hope we don't resign Evan.

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I hope that's what happens. I

I hope that's what happens. I wanna see Philly be back at the top like they were with Iverson and bring back the early-00s jerseys

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My hope

Is that the Sixers finds good meds for Royce White. Dude is a good player if he overcomes his anxiety

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2 many thoughts

As a philly fan excuse me for all this.

I think were gonna be bad I dont think were gonna be one of the three worst teams in the L and barring any injuries I dont see Nola missin the offs unless they get hit with an injury flu. I do see us tryin to swing a deal to try and land wiggins or I like randle as well.
This should be Et breakout year I hope and I hope he stays. I see MCW havin ups ans downs mostly downs.Noel will progress if healthy and eventually make the trade worth it. I see Moultrie as a spark plug down the road. I hope Thad never goes unless its his request he works hard and doesnt ask for much u cant give up all the teams character. I like spence when hes healthy and wouldnt mind him off the bench playin stetch 4 or 5. Allen and kwam can go. Find a good free agent or 2 and lets roll a lil 2 early for me to call a strting lineup for this year when im having a headache bout this year so far
On another note I hope Royce has a good time over here and can play cause most of our games are close and travel is easy he could ride a bike need be but hes in Philly we definitely can have his prescription filled.
I would terribly love some new unis maybe something two tone or something like a color fade from jersey to shorts just something different. But all n all I dont think well have abad team 4 2 long

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I would prefer Julius Randle

I would prefer Julius Randle over Parker but would still be pretty happy to get any of the top 3 guys. I am also not convinced Parker leaves Duke after his first year because he is serious about education. The team is in good hands and I am confident they will be a contender by 2017.

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