my first mock draft...please comment

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jeff adrien and sam young

i think you got the two mixed up. young should be the first rounder and adrien the second.

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I like it but I don't think

I like it but I don't think Harden will fall below 4th. He had a great workout with the Kings and they will definitely take him if he is available.

Yankeep12 is right too. Adrien will surely be in the 2nd round.

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true, no way is adrien a first rounder. I like the ellington to bobcats pick. seems too high if you compare it to other mocks but Jordan will do some surprise picks and ellington is that UNC connection. could happen. I think Daye will be drafted in the 15-25 range, not 30th, and i think at least one or two euro guys will go in 1st round.

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I dont think that Wayne Ellington will go that high or Gerald Henderson that low. Adrien is a late second rounder and so is Demarre Carroll. I would love to see Collison in the first round but he won't. Flynn should be rated higher than Maynor and Jennings also McClinton, Steele and Siler will not be drafted.

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1st off, us duke fans gotta

1st off, us duke fans gotta stick together.

2nd- Overall not bad.If you put Evans at 4, you have to put DeRozan at 6 (they love his high upside). Ellington is too high and Henderson is good. Thornton, Gibson and Aidrien are kinda high.

3rd-check out my mock and post if you'd like

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ny knicks

i see curry gone before the knicks get to 8th they will most likey take curry of derozan!

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isnt connor achtely going back to school next year?

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