My First Mock Draft (With Trades and Comments)

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My First Mock Draft (With Trades and Comments)

1. Blake Griffen - Clippers - Its a Given
2. Hasheem Thabeet - Minnestota (Trade) - T-Wolves Trade Up with Memphis. Give Memphis K.Love
3. James Harden - Thunder - Presti has alot of choices but chooses Harden
4. Ricky Rubio - Kings - Sac Town Wants this Man
5. Tyreke Evans - Celtics (Trade) - Trade R. Allen to Washington for #5 Spot
6. Jrue Holiday - Memphis (Trade) - Get K.Love But Select Holiday 4 a Point.
7. Stephan Curry - Golden State - Hottest Name in This Draft. Surprised he will be here.
8. Jordan Hill - Knicks - They Want Curry But i doubt they will Trade up.
9. DeMar DeRozan - Raptors - They want him. He Will be a Great Fit
10.Terrence Williams - Bucks - he will go higher than Expected
11. Jonny Flynn - Nets - they want Williams maybe Hansbrough but dont wanna Risk it With Tyler H.
12. Gerald Henderson - Bobcats - Want williams but will Settle
13. Brandon Jennings - Pacers - Pacers will probly go for PG go for Jennings.
14. Earl Clark - Suns - No Telling what the Suns will do. This is my best guess.
15.B.j. Mullins - Thunder (Trade) - Has Potential,and hes Big. Thunder get #15 and Amir Johnson, Detroit get Thunder #25.
16. Dejuan Blair - Bulls - Would be Higher But Teams Scare dof his Knees
17. Eric Maynor - 76ers - have choices of maynor,lawson and Teague.
18. James Johnson - Memphis (Trade) - This Trade makes them the Talk of the Draft is it worth it?
19. Ty Lawson - Hawks - Great Fit for the Hawks at point. Small but Great Potential
20. Tyler Hansbrough - Utah - What Jerry Sloan Wants,Jerry Sloan gets. Would be great fit with Boozer.
21. Austin Daye - New Orleans - Best on the Board by Far
22. Jeff Teague - Dallas - Back Up to Kidd if He Resigns. He can Learn alot.
23. Sam Young - Kings - Can Help with the Rebuilding Process.
24. Darren Collison - Blazers - Goes Higher in the Draft. Blazers can go many Directions,but Take PG.
25. DeJuan Summers - Detroit (Trade) - Underrated. Great Player and Trade Helps make Cap Space for Free Agent.
26. Wayne Ellington - Bulls - Need Back up Just in Case Gordon Heads to Pistons. Surpriseing fall u think?
27. Omri Casspi - Memphis - Will play one or 2 more years in Euro League
28. Chase Budinger - T-wolves - Rubio will need a sharpeshooter
29. Derrick Brown - Lakers - could be great backup
30. Nick Calathes - Cavs - Already has deal in Greece,will be play there or NBA Bound?

I kno there will be a few things here and there thats said about this draft but good i want other peoples opinions. Ive looked over alot of articles and videos of the players the past week to Try and get it to where i think they will go. I hope u enjoy. This is my first Mock.

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I agree

As a Thunder fan, I love the trade suggestion, but we do not need another foword, what is Amir good for?

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its good

its good to have a bench. We could let Malik Rose go on free agency. Sign Desmond back. and possible trade off wilkins and Watson. It could work. Presti is got something in mind.

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the celtics wont ever trade

the celtics wont ever trade for the #4 spot. they are in a win now mode. what are they going to do with a rookie. i love evans but there is no possible way that he'll be a celtic next season. i like the trade between wolves and grizzlies but keep in mind Love cant be traded until some date from a year or something like that since he was traded from the grizzlies but i dont see Kevin Love AND Jrue Holiday being traded for thabeet

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28th pick which belongs to the wolves it says - Chase budinger- rubio needs a sharpshooter...?
also i dont see the wolves trading love----"we are not shopping and not seeking to trade Al Jefferson. He's a very important component of this team, and I would even add Kevin (Love) into that mix." - David Kahn wolves GM in the St.Paul Pioneer Press.

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