My Elite 8, but with nba players?

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My Elite 8, but with nba players?

SIne I love March Madness and all I decide to create an Elite 8 format with college teams and CURRENT nba players who played for the college teams. The seeding is based on who won a national title last so obviously Kansas will be the One seed, now lets begin

(1) Kansas VS. (8) Texas Result: Good old fashion big 12 Matchup, but veteran
C- Drew Gooden C- LaMarcus Aldridge Kansas is just to balanced for Texas. Durant puts up
PF- Darrell Arthur PF- Kevin Durant 37 points 15 rebounds, but it's not enough.
SF- Julian Wright SF- Daniel Gibson
SG- Paul Pierce SG- T.J. Ford
PG- Kirk Hinrich PG- D.J. Augustine
6th- Nick Collinson 6th- Chris Mihm
7th- Jacque Vaughn 7th- Royal Ivey

(4) Uconn VS. (5) Duke Result: Rematch of the 1999 Ncaa championship
C- Emeka Okafor C- Elton Brand Uconn has to many polished weapons, and,
PF- Charlie Villanueava PF- Carlos Boozer closers to beat Duke. Caron Butler was the
SF- Caron Butler SF- Loul Deng difference.
SG- Rip Hamilton SG- Corey Magette
PG- Ray Allen PG- Chris Duhon
6th- Ben Gordon 6th- Grant Hill
7th- Rudy Gay 7th- Mike Dunleavy

(3) North Carolina VS. (6) Kentucky Results: North Carolina's star power is to superb
C- Raheed Wallace C- Jamal Magloire all of the Heels starting 5 scored in double figures
PF- Antawn Jamison PF- Chuck Hayes Billy Gillispie still can't keep his job. UNC wins
SF- Vince Carter SF- Tayshaun Prince
SG- Jerry Stackhouse SG- Kelenna Azubuike
PG- Raymond Felton PG- Rajon Rondo
6th- Marvin Williams 6th- Nazr Mohammed
7th Brandan Wright 7th- Keith Bogans

(2) Florida VS. (7) Arizona Result: Finally an upset Arizona is just a better,
C-David Lee C- Channing Frye more physical team than the baby Gators, and
PF- Al Horford PF- Andre Iguodala Noah begins to cry, and states it was like a family
SF- Joakim Noah SF- Richard Jefferson Iggy muscles up and throws down nasty slams.
SG- Corey Brewer SG- Gilbert Arenas
PG- Mike Miller PG- Mike Bibby
6th- Matt Bonner 6th- Jason Terry
7th- Udonis Haslem 7th- Luke Walton


(1) Kansas VS. (7)Arizona
FINAL SCORE Kansas 93 Arizona 112
Kansas battles and Battles Paul Pierce makes big jump shots, but 'Zona just so scary athletically they run over the the 1 seed. Notable Stats Paul the truth Pierce 26 pts. 8 rebs. 5 ast. Gilbert Arenas 52 pts. 1 reb. 1 ast.

(3) North Carolina VS. (4) Connecticut
FINAL SCORE Connecticut 104 North Carolina 97
Connecticut's attack was potent while North Carolina's Rasheed Wallace gets rejected for potty mouth to refs. Vince Carter shot more jump shots than driving to the basket which he should've done more of. Emeka had 13 blocks Ray Allen hit 15 3's, and Oh Calhoun brings in Nate Miles out of the stand, and wait a minute he can't do that NCAA violation Uconn has to forfeit the win.

NCAA Championship
A showcase of gaudy athletic talent from both sides. Vince finally takes it to the hole strong, and puts up double nickel in points. Rasheed gets a technical, but thank god no rejection, Gilbert takes way to many bad shots, and North Carolina gets the Championship.
M.O.P. Vince Carter Averaged 47.5 points 11 rebounds 5 assist.

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it messed up

Everything got bunched together, but you guys still get the gist of it.

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This was a real interesting post was cool and well thought out. I like the teams and how they were put together and the games and their results

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Interesting post. I wish

Interesting post. I wish they would do something like this a month or so after the season ends. If they promoted it and got all the players to participate it could be pretty good. Almost undoubtably wouldn't work, but who knows, maybe their school pride takes over. They could do it every 4 years like the olympics, and for those 4 years their school could lay claim to being the best basketball school in America.

Al-Farouq Aminu
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here is something to keep in mind

Very interesting, but also keep in mind that the best team will probably be Wake Forest after like 3 years,

Wake Forest will have:

Tim Duncan
Al-Farouq Aminu
Josh Howard
Jeff Teague
Chris Paul

6th-James Johnson
7th-Darius Songaila

with mutiple all-stars on the squad

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