My Draft predictions...Evans vs Curry

I see Tyreke Evans being drafted by tha wolves. He is an immediate upgrade at PG and can play with Randy Foye...

I dont like the idea of Stephen Curry cuz he's not a starting point guard IMO, and Al J has no inside out game where he gets double teamed and kicks it out..he always looks for his with that being said i dont think he'll be effective. They already have Bobby Brown for another year and they could be similiar players in that system.

I think PF is good with Love/Smith and maybe even Shelden Williams at a baragin price. He played okay last year when given minutes. Gomes can get minutes here.

SF is good with Gomes/Brewer/Carney/Miller...all these guys can get it problems here

C is good with Al J, so i see project BJ Mullens being selected here....i can just about guarantee this.
of course Love can log minutes here.....

SG is good with Foye, he is gonna have a monster year 18-19 ppg....he needs back up in this draft so Wayne Ellington could be a great choice...Miller is here but i expect him to be traded..........Brewer can also put up minutes here.

PG is where Evans can come in, start and make an impact.....Telfair is a great back up with Brown playing serviceable minutes....

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