My Draft~


Deng is not going anywhere, no one is going to touch the $$ without $$ coming back, so forget that, he will stay, BG is a ? But Just please God no BJ Mullens....I have seen that movie, did not like it. Scares the crap out of me to hear he has a promise from a "Top 16" team. Why, WHY Say Top 16??? Damn it!

1) Dejuan Blair (Ok, a stretch, but I can dream right? He will never fall that far)
2) Earl Clark
3) Gerald Herderson
4) James Johnson
5) Unless a Big Falls - Trade out

1) Tyler Hansbrough (I like Psycho T here, but not at 16 - perfect Rotation Wizard of Oz guy (Heart, Brains Courage)
2) Omir Casspi
3) Chase Budinger
4) Terrence Williams
5) Marcus Thornton


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