My defense of Dwight yesterday...

I truly believe that Dwight really didn't do anything wrong yesterday. The media however, did what they do in 2013, and react to every single whisper they hear and made Dwight look foolish when it was realistically just poor reporting.

Yesterday, Dwight did the following:

1. Flew to LA to tell the Lakers he was leaving

2. Called the Rockets to tell them he was signing there

3. Posted on Twitter he's joining the Rockets

That is basically the ideal process for any big name free agent to do. But because NBA reporters were hearing "whispers" all day long they kept impulse reporting every possible thing they could hear. Sam Amick probably did hear Dwight was planning to sign with Houston. Them seemingly every reporter following him tried to disprove this.

Dwight has done some clownish things. Yesterday was not one of them.

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I agree. Just ESPN trying to

I agree. Just ESPN trying to ruin his image further.

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What about when he told LA it

What about when he told LA it was 50-50...

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Did he tell them that? Do you

Did he tell them that? Do you have a statement from Dwight saying he was actually 50/50 yesterday?

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The Media

I agree yesterday was hectic with the Dwight rumors but you gotta understand how the media runs. These guys want to be the first one to break a story. Reporters were probably double/triple checking their sources a minute a rumor went out there and their so called "sources" didn't know the situation as they thought they did. If anything is to question after this whole ordeal, it's who these so called "sources" are or if they even exist.

I don't think that the media was trying to tarnish D12's image, I just think between this last year and a half of the Dwightmare issue, there have been too many people thinking that they know what Dwight is gonna do next. I salute Dwight for keeping his decision tighter and shooting down many of these rumors, which showed that these reporters need to do some house cleaning and find more credible sources of information.

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Honestly, it should be the individual involved that should break the news on Twitter, Journalists shouldn't use it to break the information unless they have concrete evidence. Lazy journos runnin' wild!


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Dwight's handling of his free

Dwight's handling of his free agency was respectable and certainly he had people encouraging him to do his proper due process in eliminating teams and letting them know. I have no problem with how this was handled.

Meanwhile, the decision still haunts me

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It's July, the dog days of

It's July, the dog days of summer. Baseball is in the most boring part of the year. NFL training camps haven't opened up yet. NBA draft is over and summer league yet to start. Aaron Hernandez story is pretty much played out. They need something to talk about on ESPN. It happens every year. It used to be either Brett Favre hijacking the entire summer or Packman Jones and Mike Vick getting in trouble. Can't blame them for trying to bring in viewers and fill their TV slots.

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I think the media put out

I think the media put out false news that he was 100% going to Houston and tried to cover their asses by saying he changed his mind again.

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My take from yesterday: Chris

My take from yesterday: Chris Broussard dampened his credibility more than Howard did. It seems like he started the whole "50-50" thing on Twitter.

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