My current "Big Board" of players that have already declared... 4/5/2013

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My current "Big Board" of players that have already declared... 4/5/2013

1. Anthony Bennett 6-7 240 PF UNLV Fr.
2. Shabazz Muhammad 6-6 225 SF UCLA Fr.
3. Rudy Gobert 7-1 230 C France 1992
4. Tony Mitchell 6-8 235 SF/PF North Texas So.
5. Allen Crabbe 6-6 190 SG California Jr.
6. Archie Goodwin 6-4 190 SG Kentucky Fr.
7. Steven Adams 7-0 250 C Pittsburgh Fr.
8. CJ Leslie 6-8 200 SF/PF NC State Jr.
9. Lorenzo Brown 6-4 190 PG NC State Jr.
10. Adonis Thomas 6-6 235 SF Memphis So.
11. BJ Young 6-3 175 SG Arkansas So.
12. Tony Snell 6-7 195 SF New Mexico Jr.
13. Sergey Karasev 6-8 190 SG/SF Russia 1993
14. Amath Mbaye 6-8 210 SF Oklahoma Jr.
15. Eric Moreland 6-10 215 PF Oregon St. So.
16. CJ Aiken 6-9 192 SF/PF St. Joes Jr.
17. Marshawn Powell 6-7 240 PF Arkansas Jr.
18. Norvel Pelle 6-10 240 PF/C Iona Fr.
19. Isaiah Sykes 6-5 215 SG Central Florida Jr.

No real surprises, although I would like to talk about a few prospects...

Anthony Bennett - I have this guy rated #1 for various reasons, but his athleticism and versatility are really what sets him apart from any other prospect that has declared for the 2013 NBA Draft. I really like how Bennett has a polished offensive game, as that is rare to see in big men, especially freshmen. Bennett has really good size at 6'7", 240 lbs. However, his natural position is at the power forward, and some GM's may fear drafting a "tweener". Even with this being the case, Bennett's athleticism and natural prowess for the game should result in a very high pick, most likely in the top 10, and potentially the top 5.

Shabazz Muhammad - This guy was the consensus #1 overall pick at the start of the season, or at least a close second behind Cody Zeller. Muhammad's athleticism is off the charts, which is why he was so highly coveted. However, his play at UCLA has ultimately dropped his draft stock dramatically. He doesn't attack the rim as much as a player with his leaping ability and ability to finish around/above the rim should, and he relies far too much on his jump shot - something that doesn't do much for him. His perimeter jump shooting needs work, and because he relied on it so much at UCLA, his stock has dropped. He will still be a lottery pick, but he could potentially fall out of the top ten if he doesn't have an impressive showing at the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago later on this year.

Steven Adams - Whenever I discovered that Adams had declared for the 2013 NBA Draft, I was ultimately shocked, and a little confused. I think that Steven Adams has a ton of potential. However, he is very raw, and needs to develop a more consistent post game, a better defensive approach, and ultimately, add some muscle. After I discovered his lack of comfort in Pitt's system, it made more sense that he declared. He could have transferred, but that sets up sitting out for a year, which could both hurt and help you. It could help you to get stronger and add a nice offensive skillset to your arsenal. However, it could also hurt your chances by adding two years on to your current age, taking a lot of points away from potential. If Adams can get drafted in the first round, he should have a good first year in the NBA Development League. If he is drafted in the second round, those non-guaranteed contracts are a killer, and he could have to work his way up without a set NBA team. That's tough. However, his potential and ability as a shot-blocker is far too impressive. He will more than likely be snatched up by an NBA team. Even if he does get drafted in the second round, he could be one of those prospects who gets rewarded with a guaranteed contract, even though he was selected in the second round.

Norvel Pelle - This guy had so much potential to be a great college player, and a future star in the NBA. However, with academic complications, he has made two separate commitments, yet has never played in the NCAA. At 6'10", 240 lbs., he has tremendous size. However, he is far too raw and needs some serious playing time under his belt before he is ready to play in the NBA. He more than likely will go undrafted. If that's so, it won't be the end of the world for the young prospect. If this is the case, he will have the luxury of playing for any NBA Summer League of his choice. And knowing his background of playing against top level talent, he will more than likely have a bunch of suitors, and will have a tremendous shot in the NBA Summer League to show off what he has. I know it is a long shot compared to being selected in the first round of the NBA Draft, but all you need is a chance.

These are just a few different opinions on certain prospects. Please, do let me know what you thought of my rankings, as well as my 'player analysis'. I am interested in what you guys think of these prospects, as well as others who will declare, and may be going back to school.

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Wouldn't say bazz is that

Wouldn't say bazz is that athletic... If he was then he'd have been a lot more effective this year and he'd be goin #1

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I wouldn't count Bazz out

I wouldn't count Bazz out yet; he may still go number 1. Depends on who's picking. He's still easily the best scorer in the draft, which is something a lot of top 5/lottery teams need. I wouldn't be surprised if Orlando or Charlotte picks him up though I'd like to think one of those teams would pick up Ben McLemore if they have the top 2 picks.

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I disagree with your list for

I disagree with your list for a lot of reasons but at least you went out on a limb and made one. I'll post my top 25 closer to the draft.

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