My bloodtype is Laker and I am in favor Dwight leaving ....

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My bloodtype is Laker and I am in favor Dwight leaving ....

I would not be mad if Dwight left. Let me explain ....

Character and all that pushed to the side, Dwight ended up simply not being the basketball player I expected. I understand the back injury and the change in his role compared to Orlando but I've never heard of a streaky rebounder or defensive player before watching him throughout this season. I am fine with the low FT% and small number of post moves because we already knew that and you shouldn't expect a player to do anything he never did before but everything else really caught me off guard.

Lets cross sports real quick to back my logic for my second reason: The Baltimore Ravens recently gave their QB a HUGE contract and it instantly handicapped them for the future. I really do not want us to do the same with Dwight because similar to Flacco, he can not carry you to extreme places by himself but Flacco at least has a ring to his resume. Dwight doesn't have that level of success to back him up.

With "streaky" and "contract" as my core, I'd much rather see Dwight leave. We then let Nash and Pau run the team with Jordan Hill banging tuff for a year and reup the next year with a healthy and somewhat cheaper Kobe (16 mil a year), a much cheaper Pau (8-10 mil a year) and maybe say ... Kemba? Klay? Gordon Hayward? Jordan Hill again? I am not saying any of these players is better than Dwight as an indivdual but when BUILDING a team and taking contracts into consideration, I am very much with it ....


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