My Beautiful Dark Twisted BASKETBALL Fantasy. (I wish I were Canadian.)

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My Beautiful Dark Twisted BASKETBALL Fantasy. (I wish I were Canadian.)

Last night I had the craziest dream. In it, I was watching a Timberwolves basketball game. It was on Fox Sports North, and Jim Peterson and Dave Benz were calling the game. Like I said before, this was a dream. And everything was different. Well, almost...

We were playing the Clippers. It was the middle of the third quarter. The on screen scoreboard read 69 - 57 in favor of the Clippers.

The team was drastically different from reality: New players, missing players, it was hard to get a hold of. Let's start with who was there. Rubio, Dieng, and Brewer were there. Then there was a whole slew of Canadian guys who were on the team: Steve Nash, Nick Stauskas, Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett, and Tristan Thompson; all there. And on top of it all, Julius Randle was there, too.

Then there were guys who were noticeably missing. No Love, No Pekovic, no Martin, No Barea, No Budinger.

On the floor, Rubio, Stauskas, Wiggins, Randle, and Dieng were flying up the court. Rubio threw an alley oop over the outstretched arms of Blake Griffin into the hands of Andrew Wiggins who threw it down hard.

"I know we're down double-digits right now Jim, but you've gotta love the potential of the new-look Wolves," said Benz.

"Absolutely," said Peterson.

On the bench sat Steve Nash, one arm around Anthony Bennett, the other around Shabazz Muhammad. If I remember correctly, he was explaining to them the importance of maintaining a strict diet all year round. Flip Saunders who had been yelling at Rubio, took pause to notice Nash mentoring the youngsters. Then he said to Steve, "Hey, Nash, I'm thinking four years and 20 million. What do you think?"

That's when I woke up.

It was an awesome dream. Obviously my subconcious mind did some work on the trade machine and pulled off two separate DREAM TRADES. From what I can deduce, this is what probably happened:

Trade 1: KLove and KMartin to Cleveland for the #1 (Wiggins), Thompson, and Bennett
Trade 2: Pekovic, Budinger, and Barea to Los Angeles for Steve Nash and the #7 (Julius Randle)
Draft: #13 (Nick Stauskas)

The whole dream was underscored by "Where Is My Mind?" by The Pixies.

Note: This actually happened in my dream, and is DEFINITELY NOT A THINLY VEILED ATTEMPT at promoting two very outlandish and unlikely trades.

Hey! Look over there! (Bajeebz runs off.)

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