My 5 Christmas Day Games

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My 5 Christmas Day Games

Home team on the left
Knicks vs Nets(Rivalry Game in the Garden)
Bulls vs Heat(My favorite matchup the two best in the east)
Lakers vs Rockets(Only if its in LA and if Kobe is healthy)
Thunder vs Clippers(Two good, exciting, high flying teams)
Warriors vs Pacers(Two good teams with a lot of dislike here remember the Hibbert/Lee fight and Curry getting thrown like a frisbee)

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Not being a jerk but the home team is always last or at the bottom. NETS vs. or @ KNICKS, etc. Like your matchups though. I would like to see a Warriors/Thunder game.

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Not going to happen....

But I want
Twolves vs. Thunder

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For opening night I'd like to

For opening night I'd like to see

Bulls @ Heat (banner raising night)
Rockets @ Clippers (Usually do 2 western conference teams for the night cap)


Nets @ Knicks (New York rivalry has intensity and talent)
Thunder @ Bulls (Rose vs Westbrook)
Spurs @ Heat (Finals rematch)
Rockets @ Lakers (Dwight back in LA, Kobe may be back)
Clippers @ Warriors (Exciting up and down game)

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Can't argue with any of those

Can't argue with any of those on Christmas.

On opening night I'd like to see:
Nets @ Heat
Thunder @ Warriors

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