My 2009 NBA Draft Reprt Card (ALL 30 TEAMS!)

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My 2009 NBA Draft Reprt Card (ALL 30 TEAMS!)

Well, the 2009 NBA Draft is officially over. While the talent pool wasn't as deep as it was in the past few years, it was a very exciting draft to watch. There were plenty of trades and unexpected picks. Here are my "grades" on all 30 NBA teams, with a synopsis on each team's picks.

ATLANTA HAWKS: Jeff Teague (19), Sergiy Gladyr (49). GRADE: A

The Atlanta Hawks made a great move earlier in the week when they acquired Jamal Crawford from the Warriors in exchange for Acie Law and "Speedy" (Speedy? Seriously? HAHAHA) Claxton. They made another great move when they acquired Jeff Teague. This guy can score inside and outside, he's lighting quick and he's a great competitor. He's been put in a good position in playing behind Mike Bibby, a veteran scoring point guard who can help him become a better decision maker.

I don't know a whole lot about Gladyr, but late 2nd round picks are low risk/high reward picks. In three years he could be a nice pickup, or a guy that we completely forget about.

BOSTON CELTICS: Lester Hudson (58) GRADE: B

A player with a good game and an incredible story, Lester Hudson is gonna play in this league. It might not be with the Celtics, but he will wear an NBA uniform.

CHARLOTTE BOBCATS: Gerald Henderson (12), Derrick Brown (40) GRADE: B

Well, whadyakno? A Tar heel picking a Dukie? wow (hint of sarcasm)..... Anyways, Gerald Henderson went to the Bobcats. I'm not too fond of Henderson (streaky shooter, no left hand, undersized....NO LEFT HAND WHATSOEVER) but Derrick Brown could turn out to be a decent pick. M.J should step down as G.M. I have nothing against him as a player, I think he's the greatest player who has ever laced em up, but his front office decisions have left a little to be desired. I mean Wayne Gretzky is the greatest hockey player ever, but he wasn't a very good coach. That's a topic for another time, though. Let's continue, shall we?

CHICAGO BULLS: James Johnson (16), Taj Gibson (26) GRADE: A

The Bulls may have gotten the interior scoring they need in these two picks. Johnson gives them a versatile player who can score from multiple spots on the floor, while Gibson gives them a hard worker and offensive rebounder. I also heard that Mr. Johnson is a black belt. Let's set up a brawl between him and Ron-Ron.

CLEVELAND CAVALIERS: Christian Eyenga (30), Danny Green (46) GRADE: D

Remember when the Knicks picked Renaldo Balkman in the first round and everybody was like "WHAT THE F?!?!?!?" Well, Cleveland's first round pick was like, it wasn't. Eyenga's not gonna make a contribution anytime soon. He might not even play in the D-League this year. I was really expecting them to take Sam Young or even Jodie Meeks.

DALLAS MAVERICKS: Rodrique Beaubois (from OKC at 25), Ahmad Nivins (56) GRADE: C

Another draft, another kid in the "Leave Him Overseas For a Couple of Years" program. Although we might get a glimpse of him next year or even this year, don't expect any big contributions. They picked up Ahmad Nivins in the second round, another long, athletic rail-thin athlete.

DENVER NUGGETS: Ty Lawson (from Minnesota at 18) GRADE: A

Excellent move by Denver to pick up Ty Lawson. They finally get a suitable backup to Chauncey Billups (offense to Anthony Carter), and I believe that he can start once Chauncey's game begins to fade.

DETROIT PISTONS: Austin Daye (15), Jonas Jerebko (39) GRADE: D

I can't believe Austin Daye went this high. Besides his length, he really doesn't stand out in any aspect of the game. And I've heard of skinny, but 6'10, 190 is just unhealthy. I mean cheesus rice. He's not the next Tayshaun, he's not a poor man's Tayshaun, but he MIGHT be a homeless man's Tayshaun. Jonas Jerekbo is another one of those low risk/high reward guys.


Take THAT, Mr. Ellis! To all of you out there who think that he isn't a point guard or won't be one in the future, don't kid yourselves any longer. He can run the point, and he's gonna do it in the NBA. When it's all said and done, he could be the second best player in this class.

HOUSTON ROCKETS: Jermaine Taylor (32, from Washington), Sergio Llull (34, from Denver), Chase Budinger (44, from Detroit) GRADE: B

The Rockets traded a whole lot of nothing for a whole lot of something. I have no idea who Sergio Llull is, but Jermaine Taylor is a good pick-up. Chase Budinger could be the steal of this draft. This is a guy who was once considered a lottery pick, and i still believe that he has lottery pick talent.

INDIANA PACERS: Tyler Hansbrough (13), A.J. Price (52) GRADE: C

"Hard worker. Humble. Smart. Experienced. Passionate." It's easy to confuse the definition of Tyler Hansbrough with a politician. It seems like they never talk about what he'll actually be able to do on the court. A.J. Price wasn't a good pick, ESPECIALLY when Patty Mills was still available.

L.A. CLIPPERS: Blake Griffin (1) GRADE: A

The only thing that I can say about this pick is that even though the Clippers are long overdue for success, Blake needs to leave Clipperland A.S.A.P......

L.A. Lakers: Chinemelu Elonu (59) GRADE: C

He should've stated at Texas A&M.
Memphis Grizzlies: Hasheem Thabeet (2), Demarre Carroll (27), Sam Young (36) GRADE: A

One of the few teams that actually made sensible picks, the Grizzlies really helped themselves out. Thabeet gives them an interior shot-blocking presence, while Young is a gifted scorer with an NBA ready game. I don't know why they would pick up Demarre Carroll that early, if at all.

Miami Heat: Patrick Beverley (42, from Lakers), Robert Dozier (60) GRADE: C

PATRICK BEVERLEY!!!! Wow. It seemed like he just disappeared. Then, out of nowhere, I hear his name called.

Milwaukee Bucks: Brandon Jennings (10), Jodie Meeks (41) GRADE: C

LMAO @ Brandon Jennings showing up late. I never saw that before. From the fear of college to the Ricky Rubio comments to THIS.... he's starting to look like a bit of a head case. Anyways, I don't know why Milwaukee doesn't believe in Ramon Sessions. The guy gets triple-doubles on a regular basis. Sure, he can't shoot well, but neither can Jennings. Jodie Meeks can learn alot from Michael Redd.

Minnesota Timberwolves: Ricky Rubio (5), Jonny Flynn (6), Wayne Ellington (28), Nick Calathes (45), Henk Norel (47) GRADE: D

There's something wrong with Kevin McHale's brain. I don't think his elevator goes to the top floor. Who trades away their two best perimeter players for some junk and the number 5 pick, keeps the number 5 pick and uses it on a point guard, keeps the number 6 pick and uses it on a point guard, and then he decides that they can play TOGETHER? Does he have any common sense, or does he really think that basketball is THAT complicated? Including Ty Lawson (ANOTHER POINT GUARD!!!) ,they had 6 picks in a mediocre draft. Wayne Ellington was definitely not McHale's idea. He probably wanted to pick Martez Walker.

New Jersey Nets: Terrence Williams (11) GRADE: B

As a Nets fan, I was kinda sad when I heard that Vince Carter was traded. However, his best playing days are behind him and we got a great player in Courtney Lee. Even though I wanted them to get Earl Clark, his teammate Terrence Williams isn't too shabby. He can do everything but shoot.

New Orleans Hornets: Darren Collison (21), Marcus Thornton (43, from Heat) GRADE: B

Darren Collison was drafted into an amazing situation, playing behind Chris Paul. He's going to learn alot from him, and hopefully he can fix that funky-looking jumper of his. Thornton will surprise some people, he could be a double-digit scorer in the NBA.

New York Knicks: Jordan Hill (8), Toney Douglas (29, from Lakers) GRADE: C

The main reason I love watching the draft every year is the New York crowd. They're loud, obnoxious and VERY honest. Did anyone notice the little kid giving thumbs down?
Anyway, The Knick faithful saw their beloved Stephen Curry picked one spot before them. SO, the Knicks decided to go with Jordan Hill. If David Lee decides to leave, this could be a very good pick for the Knicks. They needed a shot blocker and a true point guard. I don't know if Hill is gonna be a shot blocker, and Toney "no-wrist" Douglas is as far from pure point guard as you can get. I really expected them to take Patty Mills with that 29th pick.

Oklahoma City Hornets: James Harden (3), B.J. Mullens (24, from Dallas), Robert Vaden (54, from Charlotte) GRADE: A+

In a draft as weak as the economy, the Oklahoma City Thunder came out STRONG! Any team with Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant and Jeff Green has more than enough shots to go around. James Harden is an underrated athlete with a high skill level and a great attitude. He'll fit in perfectly with the big three. B.J. Mullens is a big-time project with great athletic ability and size. His combination of poor work ethic and talent has spelled trouble in the past. I don't think Robert Vaden will play in the NBA, but he'll have his chance.

Orlando Magic: No Picks GRADE: D

While they didn't have any picks, they traded away the promising Courtney Lee and Rafer Alston for an aging veteran who may have one more good year left in the tank, IF he can stay healthy.

Philadelphia 76ers: Jrue Holiday (17) GRADE: C

I don't know why people were so high on Jrue Holiday. Average athleticism, average shot, average ball-handling ability, good defender, above-average size. The point guard job was his for the taking at UCLA, so why did he leave? Was he scared that his stock would drop?

Phoenix Suns: Earl Clark (14), Taylor Griffin (48), Emir Preldzic (57) GRADE: A-

Even though he can't shoot (yet), Earl Clark will thrive in Phoenix's up-tempo system. Steve Nash is gonna make this guy look GOOD! I'm happy that Taylor Griffin was picked, even though he probably would've been available as an undrafted free agent.

Portland Trailblazers: Victor Claver (22), Jeff Pendergraph (from Kings, 31), Dante Cunningham (33), Patty Mills (55) GRADE: A

Kevin Pritchard FTW! He does it AGAIN! Even though their first round pick might not even play in the next three years, he did a phenomenal job in the second round. He seems to be the only G.M. whose main drafting motive is common sense. Pendergraph can have a lengthy NBA career if he can master the pick-and-roll and knock down 15 foot jump shots, Cunningham is gonna surprise alot of people and I'm absolutely shocked that Patty Mills fell all the down to 55.

Sacramento Kings: Tyreke Evans (4), Omri Casspi (23), Jon Brockman (from Portland, 38) GRADE: B

Tyreke Evans is very exciting to watch, but his lack of quickness, leaping ability and shooting ability scares me a little bit. I see him as a poor man's Jamal Crawford. The Kings only won 17 games last year, so Casspi and Brockman might play more minutes than expected.

San Antonio Spurs: DeJuan Blair (37), Jack McClinton (51), Nando De Colo (53) GRADE: B

DeJuan Blair fits in well with this veteran Spurs team. I really don't think that he'll be much of an NBA player (lack of height, quickness, vertical leap and perimeter skills), but I'm no expert. If Jack McClinton can consistently knock down 3's, he'll make this team and plenty others.

Toronto Raptors: Demar DeRozan (9) GRADE: B+

Toronto loves Demar DeRozan, but I'm not sure if Demar DeRozan loves Toronto. He didn't seem too happy when he heard his name called.

Utah Jazz: Eric Maynor (20), Goran Suton (50) GRADE: C

The Jazz picked up an "intagibles" player in Eric Maynor, who could end up just like Acie Law. They also picked up Goran Suton, the hero in the Spartans' championship game run.

Washington Wizards: No Picks (traded away Jermaine Taylor to the Rockets)
The Wizards came out winners before the draft even started, when they traded for Randy Foye and Mike Miller. Sure, they lost the 5th pick, but this is a 45 win team with a healthy Arenas, Jamison, Butler, Foye, Miller and an improved McGee.


Jeff Adrien
Dionte Christmas
Paul Delaney
Micah Downs
Aaron Jackson
Dominic James
Leo Lyons
Wesley Matthews
Jerel McNeal
Luke Nevill
Jeremy Pargo
Tyrese Rice
Josh Shipp
Shawn Taggert
Dar Tucker
Ben Woodside
And last, but never least, Nate Miles (LOL)

Thoughts and opinions are more than welcome.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson. You will be imitated, but never duplicated. Anybody who says that Chris Brown is the next M.J. is gonna get their larynx ripped out.

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the fact that jerel mcneal

the fact that jerel mcneal and dionte christmas were not picked surprises me .

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McNeal should have been picked. He's better than some guys that got drafted like Robert Vaden. Mills shouldn't have dropped. This post is really good, but I think Minnesota did an ok job, I'm not sure about Norel, Calathes, Lawson. Also, I might have got a sg not a pg. He even said the were both gonna play simoultaneously.

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are you stupid or what , kevin mchale isnt GM of wolves anymore ...............omg

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Chicago Bulls

Grade: D

They shouldn't have passed on DeJuan Blair or Sam Young at #26. They both will come back to haunt them.

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josh heytvelt is another guy that didnt get picked, but should have

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i totally forgot about ben

i totally forgot about ben woodside. he can flat out play.

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Awesome job

Besides the little Kevin McHale thing, no longer with the team, I thought you did a great job breaking the draft down for each team. I know Calathes got traded to the Mavericks late last night as well.

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I think Twill is a better

I think Twill is a better pick than Earl Clark would have been... Earl is too shy to last in the NYC media, while twill has a great personality and makes everyone around him better but there are plenty of people who can shoot, although we lost Ryan Anderson which could be a problem... Twill cant shoot to save his life but I think they deserve a B+ also for clearing salary space to make a huge splash in next years free agency

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I Must say

That report card was great. I like it man, good 1

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