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MVP Ladder (

Top five:
Chris Paul

Kobe has been balling lately but his team is still .500, he has propelled an underachieving team into mediocracy ... Lakers are 7-3 in their last 10 to make a push for the playoffs but none of there wins have come against particularly strong teams (two playoff teams in the East) but they lost to Clippers, Denver, and Oklahoma. Still a win is a win and the Lakers need every one. But to put Kobe above Durant and Chris Paul, is absurd. These guys are two leaders on contending teams, what disregard for these players. I understand the respect for what Kobe is doing at his age but let's keep it in perspective.

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Even though I agree with you, I think it doesnt really matter bc there's no way that Lebron doesnt win it.. He is the clear choice and I dont think the `tired to vote for Lebron´ is going to be much of a factor in this MVP race.

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A healthy team of Nash, Gasol

A healthy team of Nash, Gasol & Dwight with a serviceable supporting cast would easily win 50 games. Even though they've been injured this year the Lakers still have too much talent at any given time for one to win "MVP" when they're just peaking at .500.

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lebron is mvp this year but

lebron is mvp this year but durant should make it closer than most people think.

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Tony Parker needs to be on

Tony Parker needs to be on that list.

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Mamba 4 MVP

First off Tony Parker should be on this list without a doubt but, if the Lakers make the playoffs Kobe should win MVP in my opinion... Otherwise my MVP is Tony Parker

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Tony Parker was #2 for weeks

Tony Parker was #2 for weeks until he got hurt. That usually plays a factor in how they do it. SO they probably took him off for now.
When he comes back he'll be right back up there.

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Lebron not winning this year

Lebron not winning this year would be like Malone over Jordan in 97'. Just purely "Lets find someone else to give the MVP to". Why can't we just embrace the fact this guy has been so great over the past 5 years and deserves to have 4 of those MVPs? Its amazing in hindsight Rose was able to win one in between, but he honestly deserved it that year...

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