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LeBron James will never receive another MVP trophy. With two other players who have the capability to get it he won't get the offensive stats that he has gotten previous years. He might have a chance at the Defensive player of the year. But i personally think he is overrated on the defensive end. All he does on defense is block shots. He is not a lock down defender like Rondo, R. Brewer, S. Battier, and even Kobe Bryant. But who i think is gonna receive the MVP this next season is Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, minus me if you want but if he takes his team far enough Tyreke Evans. But it won't be LBJ, Dwyane Wade, or Chris Bosh. Hate on me if you want but thats what i think.

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LeBron won't get it next

LeBron won't get it next year, and maybe never on the Miami team. But really, Tyreke Evans is a second year player, how many second year players have won an MVP award? Not to mention the Kings won't even make the playoffs, let alone be good enough to warrant MVP attention.

It will most likely come down to Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul (barring injury), Dwight Howard, and possibly Dirk Nowitzki...those are the five guys I see vying for the MVP next season...big edge to Kobe and Durant...the final two

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