This must be a joke-top 5 NBA Shooting guards of 2012

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This must be a joke-top 5 NBA Shooting guards of 2012 Don't know how to post articles with pics I laughed when I read this 1)Steph Curry 2)Dwade 3) Eric Gordon 4)Kevin Martin 5) Kobe ????

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Wow, I knew user contribution

Wow, I knew user contribution had to be bad, however doesn't someone censor this stuff first?

It was posted on Dec. 19, which doesn't make it any more acceptable, but it's a shame that somthing like this is on the front page, albeit it be all the way in the bottom left-hand corner.

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The guy hardly supported his

The guy hardly supported his arguments on any of the players...

How the hell is Eric Gordon the third best SG in the league if he hasn't played in 2 months??

He brings up the statistics for every player, but doesn't mention that Kobe is leading the league in scoring at 28.4 ppg and says that his divorce is a reason why he hasn't been one of the elite shooting guards this year...

I seriously question how some of these "journalists" get these jobs...I could write a better piece in Middle School than this.

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you may think you could write

you may think you could write better in middle school, but your reading comprehension could use some work

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^Don't be so hard on

^Don't be so hard on yourself, even you as a toddler would know that A) Stephen Curry is NOT a shooting guard, and B) Kobe Bryant is head and shoulders ahead of everyone, no one other than D Wade is even close.

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This is hilarious

Im sure Indiana Basketball loves the position Eric Gordon is in without playing more than 10 games this year LOL

I would rank the Sg's as such

1. Kobe(The Black Mamba is still King, leads the league in scoring and most NBA Memes)

2. Wade(will have to take the crown out Kobe's cold dead hands)

3. Harden(i know right, name me a Sg besides Kobe and Wade you'd build around though, and he's a major reason Thunder are that good)

4. Joe Johnson(doesn't get the credit for helping carry the Hawks every year)

5. Manu Ginobli(when he's Healthy) Kevin Martin(when he's hitting his 3's)

Honorable mention Monta Ellis, I want to put him at 5 but his team's standing in the West and overall impact puts him at 6th/7th...I don't think he gets the respect he deserves but he's got to start winning games to become a top 5 Sg...

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This was before the season

This was before the season started. I'm sure nobody thought Kobe would be averaging near 30ppg after the horrific season he had last year. (By Kobe's standards) 5th is too low, even for the start of the season but still, it is the start of the season guys... don't read into it much.

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Well, apprently I could write

Well, apprently I could write for sports.

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i question how some of these

i question how some of these guys get their jobs too, anyone who was watching the bulls hornets game on NBAtv last night also probably fell off their rocker when one of the announcers for the game (i believe it may have been stacy king) called chris kaman the third best center in the league, haha

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He did make it the 19th

But, really? It is obviously a terrible list by a guy who seems to consider himself a "renaissance man" by all of the things he writes about. I mean, these are his hobbies:

sports, education, writing, math, mathematics, humor, video games, chicago cubs, new orleans saints, tulane, Jesus, God, chess

Also, Joe, you absolutely could write for yahoo. Anyone can, it is "Associated Content". It says he got an article posted on the front page once, so maybe that could mean he got something more, but you get paid per 1,000 page views.

You also get a "Clout Score", which determines how much you get paid per 1,000 page views and also has to do with how much content you produce. All in all, judging by his page views and all, he has made about $660. Nice side pay for writing some questionable top 5 lists. Still, this was a really bad list and I suggest homerdom might have had a bit to do with it. His reasoning for Steph being #1 is that "the Hornets wouldn't trade Chris Paul for him".

One explanation is this might have been a fantasy basketball list, which would be the only explanation that would not make this list (completely) insane. Still, this is a really weak list, but he is only a contributor, not a writing for Yahoo!Basketball (thank the lord).

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Actually TOL23, if you

Actually TOL23, if you recall, I did call that Kobe wouldbe back to nearly normal standards that he reads everything journalists and fans say about him and that he would be feeding off of it looking to quite all of the doubters. It's the one thing that keeps the hopes of another title possible in my mind, Kobe's ill to silence critics and prove the unprovable. Like I said in the will Kobe average 25 ppg this season thread, Kobe isn't trying to win a battle against WadeVC/Peirce/Allen or any of the guards he came in around the same time. He isn't chasing MJ/Clyde/Oscar/ or Magic, the HOF guards that came before him, he's simply trying to win a battle that none of the afformentioned names ever did including MJ himself. He's trying to actually beat father time.

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