Mr.6000's Countdown to The Draft: 60 Prospects in 30 Days (38 & 37)

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Mr.6000's Countdown to The Draft: 60 Prospects in 30 Days (38 & 37)

37: Jordan Crawford, 6'4 200, SG, Xavier

Jordan Crawford is most known as the guy who dunk on Lebron. That overrated (?) dunk brought him to the eyes of the public, and gave him some extra attention. Crawford is a shooting guard with decent length, athleticism, and quickness but possesses underwhelming strength. He's a scorer through and through. He has shown he can light up the scoreboard and get on hot streaks shooting jumpers, and he's got the handles and quickness to get in the lane at a respectable rate. He can score off the dribble as good as any prospect in the draft IMO, and he possesses a nice shooting stroke off the dribble or spotting up. As a finisher, he's pretty good and he displays solid creativity. He understands how to create space to get off his shots, and will utilize steps backs and quick crossovers if his 1st step doesn't give him a clean blow-by. He's not one to make his teammates better though, and he tends to play a more selfish style of basketball. A true volume scorer, and has always had questionable shot selection. On D, he lacks toughness most times. When he tries and wants to make a stop, he can be a nuisance against SG where he smother a good deal of players with his length and quickness. He has the ability to guard PG's and SG's effectively, but whether he gets tough on D is when hen he'll realize his potential on this end. Crawford is almost the EXACT same type of player Flip Murray is, and I think he can have a similar type of impact in the NBA. Crawford seems like an instant offense type of player that can make some good plays off the bench as a 6th or 7th man. Definitely one of the more talented offensive players in the draft, which should give him a definite role in the NBA.

36: Greivis Vazquez, 6'6 211, PG/SG, Maryland

One of my personal favorite prospects in this draft is Grevis Vazquez. Tall and big for PG standards, with a below average wingspan and a mediocre frame. Athletically, Vazquez is very modest. He isn't very quick, explosive, or a good leaper. He's probably below average athletically for an NBA PG no matter what size he is. Vazquez looks great in the pick and roll, which is necessary for him to have any success at the college or pro level, because of his lack of a quick 1st step to cleanly get by guys. In the NBA, he's not quick enough to be a true threat in isos and he's not likely to put the kind of pressure on the D needed from a starting NBA PG. As a passer, he's excellent. He sees the floor well, as you'd expect from a 6'6'' floor general, and is a very creative passer in half-court and transition. He's also kinda turnover prone and a very big gambler as a creator, which is a problem at times, but may not be as much of a problem in the NBA because he won't be as high usage as he was at Maryland. He's improved his jump shot a good deal, which is good for his adjustment to the NBA. He can shoot off the dribble from mid-range pretty well, and he has 3-point range too. Only decent from there though right now. The continued development of his shot will go a long way to telling his development as a prospect. On D, Vazquez struggles badly. He's not quick, strong, or long enough to keep guys out of the lane very much. Against smaller PG's, he's get killed off the dribble. Against big PG's he'd get posted up. He gets beat off the bounce by alot of PG's, even guys that lacks athleticism at the college level. He's probably gonna be a target on this end. All in all, Vazquez could be the 2nd best PG in this draft if he lands in the right situation (New York, Orlando, Memphis) or he could be a very solid backup PG for any other team. I'm rooting for ol' Greivis.

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I like that Crawford kid but

I like that Crawford kid but i think his range is a little better than flip though

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