Mr. 6000's Countdown to the Draft: 60 Prospects in 30 Days (36 & 35)

36: Elliot Williams, 6'4 180, SG, Memphis

Elliot Williams is a former McDonald's All-American who started his career as an athletic defensive stopper at Duke. After a family member got sick he transferred to Memphis ,which is close to his home, without having to sit out. He developed into a go-to guy on that team. Physically, Williams has good size for a SG. He's also a good athlete, has long arms, and good strength with the frame to get bigger. He's at his best as a slasher, where his 1st step and athleticism make him nice. He is very left-handed though, and will rarely try to finish or even take more than 1 or 2 dribbles with his right hand. This became evident at the end of the year, and teams began to stop him. He is not that good a shooter either, off the dribble or spotting up, even though he can shoot alright from mid-range when spotting up, he's got a ways to go to being dependable. Defense is his best attribute. He can get in the passing lanes very well, and he has the length, athleticism and strength to deny dribble penetration and contest whatever shots go up. In the NBA, he's going to have to be a defensive-minded role player who makes some flashy athletic plays every now and then. He seems like a Tony Allen type of player/prospect, which (if you've seen Allen this post-season) is no slight at all.

35: Gani Lawal, 6'9 235, PF, Georgia Tech

Lawal is another former Mickey D's guy who came to Tech as a raw and rather skinny PF/C who had high intensity and a crazy work ethic. His production has been steady since then, and his development has too.....somewhat. He has prototypical size for an NBA PF, great strength, and a 7 foot wingspan to go with it. Also very tenacious and athletic. Is a dunk waiting to happen. Offensively, he plays with a high motor and has a drop step, a still-developing turnaound jumper, and jump hook in his post arsenal. Still, his footwork is a work in progress. Also a work in progress are his counter moves, mid-range shot, touch around the rim, and his passing. He's not very polished offensively to be honest and he scores mostly off of being stronger or more athletic than his man, or just outworking his guy on the glass. As a rebounder, he's solid. He had to be to be productive playing for Georgia Tech, where he scored alot of times just getting offensive rebounds because of the guards lack of post entry passing ability. He was good rebounding this year even playing beside an athletic rebounding machine like Derrick Favors, which is impressive. On D, he's good. He gets too aggressive and sometimes just needs to calm down, but that's more of a compliment than anything. He has the strength, length, and quickness to defend back to basket PF's, and the athleticism to defend alot of face-up guys. Lawal could be a Brandon Bass type, especially if he gets a mid-range game. For now, he seems like Ronny Turiaf 2.0, which isn't that bad at all.

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Mr. 6000, You deserve some

Mr. 6000, You deserve some award for these breakdowns.

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Thanks alot man. I have no

Thanks alot man. I have no idea who is hating on you, or why (the minuses they're giving you on this topic makes me say this), but I appreciate it. Just trying to give guys stuff to think about when discussing prospects in the future.

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Can you post all the links of

Can you post all the links of every one you have done so far?

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