Most underrated Sr. prospect for the 2013 NBA Draft

Oklahoma's Steven Pledger has to be the most underrated Sr. prospect that will head into the draft this year. The kid has been on my radar since High School because he's Chesapeake, VA native as well. Last year he averaged 16.2 ppg .459FG% .416 3P% as a Jr. and still did not warrant any attention from Aran as a NBA prospect for this years draft class because he still does not even have a profile or has been put in the 2013 Mock.

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Well, I made him a profile

He is a player I took notice of early last year, had a kind of mediocre end to the season. Beyond shooting/scoring, their is not a lot that he really does that stands out. Lets face it, their are a lot of kids his size who can shoot and score, plus provide some other things that are attractive to teams. Not saying that he does not have a chance of being drafted, just giving reasons why he is not on this site or other sites Mock Draft's right now.

Had a profile for him for quite a while, though. If you want to see whether a player has a profile, type their name in the search section of the site. Find out they do not have one, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected], if they have legit pro potential will make one.

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He reminds me of Chauncey

He reminds me of Chauncey Billups

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I think it's Seth Curry.

I think it's Seth Curry. He's really not on many mocks, if any, but shooting translates and he's gotten better every year. He's not as big, nor as athletic as his brother, but I think he can do a lot of the same things at a lower level. I really think this guy can play in the league, and contribute, but he's not getting much attention right now.

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