Most talented NBA Players that never realized/reached their potential

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I gotta

agree with everyone who said Gerald Green.

I'm not sure if anyone remembers hot he shot up the HS rankings. The guy was unranked til he went crazy that summer, and dude was easily the most impressive player in the MC D's all-american game.

The guy was compared to T-MAC, who's easily one of the most skilled players the NBA has seen.

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oooooh, i almost listed Len

oooooh, i almost listed Len Bias when i first saw this post but i thought it would be in poor taste to include him in this. young buck never had a chance to prove himself. i'm suprised no one mentioned Sam Bowie. he was one of the top players ever to come out of high school. here's a few other names that come to mind
Felipe Lopez
Pervis Ellison
Jay Williams
Ron Mercer
Kerry Kittles
Larry Johnson (injuries)
Penny Hardaway (injuries)
any player from duke (the duke curse, not one nba hall-of-famer)
Arvydis Sabonis ( god only knows what could've been if we got him before he was on the wrong side of 30)
Michael Ri (north korean center, 7'10)
Oscar Schmidt (drafted but never played in the nba, best international player ever)

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Darius Miles

Darius Miles

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I am really surprised there

I am really surprised there was only one mention of Stephon Marbury. Stephon Marbury had all the physical tools and skills to be the next great point guard. Take out the last 2 years of his career he was a 20 ppg and 8 apg career guy, there's only like 2 or 3 others guys that have those numbers. He had great size for his position, but his ego was enormous. He only made 2 All-Star games, and I think made All-NBA 3rd team once. Stephon right now is 33 and out of the league. Seriously we should be talking about how great he is if had he toned his ego down. Imagine if he toned his ego down when he was with KG we could be talking about that combo like we would Stockton and Malone. It's pathetic he never got his team out of the first round of the playoffs, and was just another overpaid egotistical player that never realizes his potential, actually he was content with how he was doing, and didn't truly care about winning. If he did I think KG and Stephon would have had a shot at an NBA title, or still contending for one.

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If it weren't for injuries

If it weren't for injuries Shaun Livingston would be a top 3 point guard right now. At the very least he'd be able to do anything Rajon Rondo is doing right now, except he was taller, his jumpshot was more advanced, and his court vision and playmaking abilities might have been even better.

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But thats only if he wouldve

But thats only if he wouldve stayed on the clippers though right?

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Mdymes, thats exactly why you

Mdymes, thats exactly why you shouldnt list len bias - because he died. How can you say he never realized or reached his potential when he didnt have a chance to? Your faulting him for dying? Please

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when the clippers had Miles,

when the clippers had Miles, Richardson, and Odom I thought something special would be happening on that team. Those three guys were talented.

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Kwame Brown Eddy Curry Jay

Kwame Brown
Eddy Curry
Jay Williams (Bulls)
Marvin Williams
James White

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m dymes

i had a huge list of awesome ones that nobody said and then m dymes said like half of some more we havent heard from yet....

ronnie fields
stacy king
jr reid
kenyon martin
francisco garcia
mike dunleavy
dorrell wright
danny manning (probably biggest omission yet)
raef lafrentz
kenny anderson
derrick coleman

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I dont know how many of you

I dont know how many of you guys remember him, Jazz fans will, but Raul Lopez

ndudi ebi

robert swift - out of high school(before the injurys and getting so out of shape) he was alot more athletic and i thought he could be a great shot blocker, but once his dad said he was entering the draft but wouldnt be working out for any teams i had a feeling he would be the bust.

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