Most Ridiculous Trade rumors, Or Ideas.

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Most Ridiculous Trade rumors, Or Ideas.

What the title says. what are the weirdest/ most creative trade attempts have yo heard about, or think teams should do.

Note They must seem to work money wise, and can't be superstar giveaways, like the Lakers Get Kevin Durant for Sasha and a second round pick.

#1. Washington receives Rashard Lewis, Brandon Bass and orlando 2011 first round pick
Orlando receive; Gilbert Arenas, Michael Beasly and Al thornton
Miami receives; Washington's 2011 2nd round pick

#2 Memphis Receive Hedo Turkoglu
Toronto Recieve Rudy Gay Trade Exception, future lotto protected 1st round pick

Now Time for your ideas

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Miami Recieves-Chris

Miami Recieves-Chris Bosh

Toronto Recieves a 17 Million Dollar Trade Exception

Denver Recieves Chris Paul

New Orleans Recieves Carmelo Anthony

Miami Recieves a steaming pile of shiit

someone else recieves Beasley....

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