Most Questionable Draft Selections

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Most Questionable Draft Selections

Now that the draft is over and the dust has started to settle, I wonder what people think were the biggest reaches and most questionable decisions teams made on draft night.

The Cavs' selection of Bennett was the first big surprise, and, while I don't hate the pick for them, it is certainly a risky pick. Will Bennett and Thompson for a good combination at the 4 and the 5, or will their defense suffer? Can Bennett play the 3? Bennett has the most offensive talent of any player in this draft, but his poor defense could come back to bite the Cavs.

I think the Pistons selection of KCP over Trey Burke was unwise. KCP is a nice shooter, but I am not convinced he is better than some of the other wing prospects picked later in the draft, such as Sergey Karasev and Reggie Bullock. KCP is talented, but it is much easier to find shooting wings than pgs of Burke's ability.

The Bucks selection of Giannis Antetokounmpo strikes me as a particularly risky pick, especially since Antetokounmpo wants to enter the NBA immediately. I think their were safer picks available who could help the Bucks out more, such as Shane Larkin. With that said, I did like the acquisition of Nate Wolters, who is a solid value pick in the second round.

This is less questionable than just ironic, but I find it funny that the Spurs took DeShaun Thomas, who had refused to give them his phone number.

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Kelly Olynyk

at the 13th spot was pretty surprising. Also, I honestly didn't think Shabazz would drop out of the top 10.

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Charlotte not picking McLemore or Noel was the single-most surprising thing I've ever seen in a draft, surpassing the Bennett selection. At the absolute best, Zeller is a poor mans' Stoudemire. Scoring, bad at defense, fragile, athletic, but disappointing. Zeller will never be a 20-10 player, he'll be more of a 18-8 player. McLemore and Noel are athletic, and have amazing potential. Those 2 both have the tools to be amazing defensively, and Noel could probably develop a post game, if not just a hook. This draft was surprising altogether.

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Tony Mitchell?

I think Indiana should've grabbed him although I do like Solomon, Mitchell is a physical type player always something Indiana seems to add.

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