Most Pros on One Team?

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Most Pros on One Team?

With Alex Poythress coming back to Kentucky, they will undoubtedly have 8 future pros, possibly 9 depending on Wiltjer's development...

I'd have to look it up but I highly doubt there has ever been a team featuring more NBA talent than next year's Wildcats.

They still won't be locks to win it all due to the uncertainty of the NCAA tournament and I'm not saying all these guys are future all stars... but what a fun team it will be to watch...they will come at you in waves next year...

I like the character of the incoming freshmen as well, they all seem like high quality kids. Waiting to hear from Wiggins but even if they don't land him, UK got huge additions with WCS, Wiltjer, and Poythress all returning...

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Haha..been a UK fan since

Haha..been a UK fan since about 2001 and never really knew about hate during the Tubby Smith and Billy Clyde years..

Cracks me up how everybody hates the best in every sport...they try to make you not be happy about your team, tell you they really aren't that great, its a flawed system, etc....every excuse to tell you why something that clearly isn't as good is actually better just to feel some pride or feel better about themselves or their rooting interest...what a joke die hard sports fans are... for me its entertainment, kind of a hobby...not sure why hate always has to come in..


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Yeah I have no clue why there

Yeah I have no clue why there is hate to these teams? Like the fans of these teams,(which is about everyone)are never bandwagons, and always have a date of when they first started liking them and it always happens to be a couple years before they become good. Then those faithful fans never brag about there team or talk about the "haters" they have, even though they are not true fans of that team.

BUT you know it has nothing to do with people who make a post about how amazing there team can be,and then talk about there haters

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uh..what... Kentucky squads


Kentucky squads of the 90s were insane. I'm sure there were a few other loaded squads before everyone started leaving after only 1 or 2 years.

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I think that's a stretch

But how bout this year's Michigan team:

Burke-definitely a pro
Hardaway-definitely a pro
Robinson III-definitely a pro
McGary-Almost definitely a pro, let's be honest
Stauskas-After seeing how well he can drive in addition to his shooting and decent size, I think he has a very good shot at making the NBA
And who knows, Caris Levert may even surprise us all and make the pros. He's been solid in the limited minutes he's gotten

So that's 5 guys who I think it's safe to say will get drafted eventually. And none of them are unrealistic. (Kyle Wiltjer? That's a stretch, bud)

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is DEFINITELY a pro not almost

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The 09-10 kentucky team had 8

The 09-10 kentucky team had 8 future pros.

Darius Miller
Deandre Liggens
Josh Harrllson

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Most Pros on 1 team not to make the NCAA Tourney

UK 2012-2013

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When you say pros? Do you mean NBA players, or pro players?

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