Most likely teams to trade up or down

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Most likely teams to trade up or down

Hi there. I'll say Minnesota and Washington to trade down 'cause they need to load up on talent and Dallas and Utah to trade up to get Carter-Williams and Smart. Take care. Thanks.

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Trade up or out

Minny needs to trade up or out. They need to win now: Kevin Love is counting the days until he leaves MN, and the only way to keep him there is to put together a winning team. To do that, they need vets, or they need an instant impact player at the top.

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I can see Utah trading up to

I can see Utah trading up to grab Burke or Smart but MCW will probably be available at 14. Dallas has no real assets besides cap room so they need to add as many young pieces as possible in this draft. Any team who misses out on their Plan A should trade down and pick up assets.

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Minny has acquired too many

Minny has acquired too many prospects over the years. They need to get rotation players, not just randomly acquire talent, like they have done in the past. They are the last team in the league that should be trading down.

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MCW has great size for a

MCW has great size for a point guard and he has the right mentality, he is a pass first point , he seems to play smart but his shooting and athleticism are lacking and could cause him to fall. Depending on workouts Schroder could climb and challenge MCW. I like Schroders quickness, length, defense handles and all around game, I'd like to see more video of him though.
Has anyone heard anything more about Smart changing his mind (for sure) and reentering the draft. Considering next yrs crop of talent , I thing he should reconsider and come out this yr.

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Marcus Smart

I saw a few people mentioning Smarts name, he is returning to school and will not be in this years draft. Utah definitely needs to trade up to secure either Burke, or MCW, because that team needs a PG for the future.

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Last word is Smart is reconsidering his decision to go stay in college.

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Actually following the Mavs

Actually following the Mavs for years,I think the safe bet is the Mavs will trade down
Cuban and Nelson seems to love trading and getting some extra players in the draft
Also ,the Mavs doesn't need a PG in the draft tbh ,They already said they will get a veteran PG and they are done with young starting PGs ,also they said they will try to get Collison back as back up ,one last thing Rick Carlisle is terrible in developing point guards ,so I would hope we aren't going for MCW for his won sack at least (and ours too)

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Honestly. I think Minnesota

Honestly. I think Minnesota is in good position for this draft. We all know they need a 2 guard baly and I think it's time they get one. Kentavious Caldwell pope, jamaal Franklin, and Allen crabbe could all fill that role and will be around when they pick.they can even trade back and get them. I think all will be solid pros and should go well with Rubio.

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LMAOOOO: The....Take Care.


The....Take Care. Thanks. Mark.....Kills me everytime lol

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i think the knicks should

i think the knicks should trade up. try and get a nice mid first round pick. start to get a little younger while keeping some of the vets around.

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Who do they trade up for?

Who do they trade up for?

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celts 1st+ Lee for a lottery pick and second

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Dallas traded down last year

Dallas traded down last year to get assets but which way they go this year will be very interesting, it's the first time after 12 successive seasons they have not made the play offs, which was perhaps the 2nd longest current run behind the Spurs who are up to around 16 consecutive play off births I think.

Dallas could well be a team that would look to pull a trade to try and get an established player in as they would want to try and get the best out of Dirk's remaining years and maybe also try for at least one top FA. But they could also have one eye on the 2014 FA market and not want to put themselves out of that mix and with Dirk being nearly 35 now, he could well need another player to take over his franchise mantle if Dallas are to challenge again in his era.

I would expect the Cavs to look to consolidate their picks in some way and a team like Atlanta could maybe try to move up inside the lottery with their two late top 20 picks.

Alot will depend on the draft lottery as a team could move up and others be shunted down a bit plus I'd doubt any major pick trades would happen prior to workouts as the teams can really then see what the level of player in their draft range is and act accordingly.

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