Most Interesting 2nd Round Talent

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Most Interesting 2nd Round Talent

I am of the mindset that, unless you have one of the top 10 picks, then you really need to do your damage in the 2nd round (GOOD teams do their homework). The picks can be had for basically pennies on the dollar, and the contracts aren't guaranteed. With that being said, does anyone else not see the value in the 2nd round of the draft?

Glen Rice Jr. - Projected 33 - The kid has game, we all know yeah, he's a dumb punk, but most of these guys are. He has the athleticism, he has the blood line, and he proved in the NBDL (slightly better then college ball) that he's got some game.

Jeff Withey - Projected 36 - Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't this guy proven to be a defensive force already? It drives me insane when guys like Rudy Gobert fly into the first round, and guys like Withey get picked up by the Spurs/Celtics/Insert WINNERS name here. Sure, he's no star in this league, but he is a proven defensive stopper who's actually decently mobile for a 7 footer.

CJ Leslie - Projected 39 - 2 years ago everyone had this guy in the lottery, now he's in the second round? Sure, he's a tweener, but he's an ELITE LEVEL athlete, and he backed it up at the combine. He's exactly the kind of guy that sits on the bench for a year or two while learning from the best in the world, and ends up making an impact for a playoff team with energy/athleticism off the bench.

Archie Goodwin - Projected 40 - I'm sorry, when you have been named a McDonalds All American, you have the talent to play in the league. Sure, he had one of the worst showings at the combine, but it also seems like Coach Cal may have said "Hey, if you don't go pro, you'll probably lose minutes to some Freshman next year" He really looked like his confidence was shaky, but he's 19, athletic, and skilled.

Ricky Ledo - Projected 41 - Every year there is a guy that finds his name in the draft because he couldn't get his grades straight/had a bad attitude/bad situation. Like Goodwin, Ledo oozes talent, he just seems like a thug...((clears throat)) no, there wouldn't be any of those making big $$$ in the NBA. I stick by my guns, if you can make the McDonalds All American team, then you've got the talent.

Myck Kabongo - Projected 47 - Another guy that was HIGHLY recruited coming out of high school. PG's are a rare breed, and he has the ability, I just don't think that he has been coached properly. That's not a negative statement about the Texas coach, more so a testament to the training these guys get in the NBA. Ever played on the court with a bench/rotation NBA player? If he catches on somewhere, he could be the steal of the 2nd round in the form of Isiah Thomas from the Kings.

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Completely agree with your

Completely agree with your theory... but not with the players you are talking about.

2nd round picks are cheaper, easily available and offer wether proven players (seniors) who don't have lots of buzz but are really interesting role players or riskier picks who fall from the first round and want to prove everybody's wrong...

in this 2nd round's draft we could talk about ryan kelly, seth curry, glen rice, jeff withey, mike muscala, james ennis, mick kabongo, jamaal franklin, nate wolters maybe even tony mitchell, allen crabbe, tony snell, shane larkin, tim hardaway.

in a weak draft 2nd round picks are much more interesting (redd in 2000) (arenas okur watson simmons in 2001) (novak gibson powe millsap in 2006) especially now that rookie deals are more interesting with the new salary cap.

moreover 2nd round picks can help you to lure european talents who prefers to go in the 2nd round cause they can negociate their contract easier and stay in europe to develop without being a fran vasquez risk (shengelia jerebko, de colo, beverley, calathes, poekovic, asik, dragic, gasol already hear) (satoransky, papnikolaou, bjelica, pleiss, bogdanovic, llull, aldemir... waiting to come)

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Ray McCallum

Ray McCallum

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Isiah Canaan, he wont be

Isiah Canaan, he wont be great but a solid back up point guard

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Norvel Pelle, the guy didn't

Norvel Pelle, the guy didn't play a minute of college ball, transferred home to be with his sick mom and might be the most athletic big in the draft. He has some tools but obviously will have rust and will need time in the D League. I'm begging and hoping that the Sixers take him in the 2nd round. There's a chance he may go undrafted.

Sixers worked out Shabazz, Olynyk and Plumlee with Pelle and apparently Pelle was preferred over all of them.

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2nd rounders

I'm a huge draft fan and I wish the 2nd round lasted as long as the 1st. It's like a lightning round and every year there are guys who end up being steals. I agree with every pick you made. I would be careful in saying that every McDonalds All American can play. There have been plenty of McDonalds all Americans who don't make it in the NBA. There is a huge difference between high school ball, college ball and NBA. I agree with you that the McDonalds All Americans clearly have talent. It's whether they can take their game to the next level and if they get drafted by a good team that can continue to develop their game.

If Withey goes in the second round I'm going to scream. He's a solid backup center in the NBA. Potentially another Omer Asik.

My favorite 2nd round steals this year are Jackie Carmichael and Carrick Felix. Both will be solid rotation players for years to come because they can do many things well and don't hurt you when they are on the floor.

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I'm hoping the Grizzlies grab

I'm hoping the Grizzlies grab Felix after watching his workout and how hard he played defense in the 3on3 drill I think he would fit right in.

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