Most impressive player in Orlando summer league

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Most impressive player in Orlando summer league

To me it was jarnell stokes, i have him now as one of the steals in the draft, he is so polish and strong inside, i know he is somewhat of a one dimensional but he is such effective when he gets the ball inside and he is also a load on the boards...

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i wouldnt say most impresive,

i wouldnt say most impresive, but jordan adams stood out to me. i really liked his feel for the game and smoothness. reminded me of a rookie version of klay thompson honestly. ill be looking forward if he can get in the regular rotation in the season since there is 3 other shooting guards on the team as of right now, courtney lee, tony allen and jamaal franklin

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Dont forget Vince Carter is

Dont forget Vince Carter is also in that rotation.

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I know it's the obvious choice, but averaging 27 pts and solid rebounding over the first 4 games (had a letdown with 12 in the final game) was pretty impressive. Would've liked to see better efficiency from him but his raw numbers were pretty nice.

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Noel has looked as good as I thought he would on the defensive end. He's showing that he hasn't lost his quick hands and defensive instincts he had in KY. Definitely needs to hit the weight room though.

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devy marble

to me was the most impressive player he play like baby paul geroge mix with manu

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Mitch McGary was impressive.

Mitch McGary was impressive. He was such a steal for OKC. Great pick for them, as he can step in and play immediately, although he doesn't have to. His ball-handling is sweet for a big man. If he gets that mid-range jumper consistent, he could become a really good starter in this league.

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ummm KCP

ummm KCP

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He looked like the best player everytime he stepped onto the court

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