the most frustrating part of watching the NBA playoffs so far has been:

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the most frustrating part of watching the NBA playoffs so far has been:

To me, its just been so annoying watching when every single play the offensive player thinks they get fouled then throws a miniature hissy fit and begs for a call... Durant and Melo do this constantly, they think they get fouled every single god damn play...

AND on defense, i have yet to see a single player that didnt act completely shocked when a foul gets called on them. Tyson Chandlers the f*cking worst, he could literally split your forehead open with a forearm and then stare at the referee in shock. David West is annoying too...In the regular season Pau Gasol's the worst...

This makes me want to turn off the TV its so annoying, im just picturing Rasheed Wallace's wide eye/open mouth expression and im fuming.

I just feel you completely lose you credibility when you smash someone then throw a tantrum when the ref calls a foul

Also, the refs need to let the guys play...There have been so many ticky-tack fouls, the games are slow and the rythym gets killed...

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The irony is strong in this

The irony is strong in this post.

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I'll name a few.

1. Watching Kendrick Perkins miss layups.

2. Watching the Clips get knocked out of the first round. Again.


4. Injuries, Injuries, Injuries.

5. Watching Derrick Rose look good in his suit while his teammates are dying out there.

6. "Muscle Memory"

7. Ginobili and Splitter's inconsistency.

8. Miami being Miami. (93% chance of winning it all. Seriously.)

9. Anything ESPN commentators say.

10. The fact that the season's almost over.

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No one is in more disbelief

No one is in more disbelief when they get called for a foul than Kendrick Perkins

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The most frustrating part for

The most frustrating part for me is the injuries. You want to see the best play. My lakers didn't have Kobe or half Thier roster. Okc doesn't have Westbrook. The bulls are all banged up and rose is a &$#%#[email protected]!. David lee is nowhere nere 100% for the warriors. You always want to see the best compete and that's just not happening tuis year.

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come on

come on perez... that's uncalled for on D-Rose..

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Hey , rose is his own man and

Hey , rose is his own man and he has to make decisions about his career that he feels comfortable with. But me as a fan, I always pull for the guy who tucks his chin and steps into the line of fire and win or lose can go to sleep knowing he did what he could. I've seen video of rose busting guys up with cross overs. He has been going 5 on 5 for almost 3 months. I call it like I see it. He has lost a lot of respect in my book and when histeam is eliminated, every bulls fan will question him, dont act like you won't.

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The most frustrating part is

The most frustrating part is really the incompetency of some of the coaches and front offices. Presti is somewhat of a star and that is a joke. Look, substitute Scott Brooks with Rick Adelman and we are talking about back to back champions. Playing Perkins or Fisher, unbelievable. Trading Harden as a price for keeping Perkins and Ibaka, I mean watching OKC all the years is a treat because of Durant, Harden and even Russ, but so cruel because of Brooks, the lack of any sense of coaching. Del Negro destroys the Clippers. If the coaches would only be half so good as the players we would have great PO and a much better NBA for sure.

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Presti is going to be the fall guy for making the Harden trade. I doubt he wanted to trade Harden, but I believe ownership didn't want to go hard into the tax. Behind every GM is an owner and some GMs have certain budgets and guidelines to follow. As a Bulls fan, I am positive GarPax wanted to keep Asik. Outside of salary reasons there would have been no reason not to match his offer in Houston because they were already at a stage where their salary space wasn't going to allow much room to land anyone big without a trade happening. In general you don't lose an asset for nothing, especially when he is a 7 ft starting quality center and the team that you are competing head to head with in your conference, biggest deficit is size and rebounding.

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Yeah coaching has been

Yeah coaching has been somewhat frustrating for me. In particular, Brooks' complete inability to adjust to the lack of Westbrook. Durant needs more scoring in the starting lineup, so play Kevin Martin more often, they aren't a good defensive team anyways, so why is Thabo playing so many minutes? Who is he stopping exactly? Prince?

They also need to understand that playing Durant as the point forward is the wrong way to go about this; he needs to be used as a decoy off the ball for some of the game, catch ball in better spots and allow his team-mates to benefit from the attention he gets. Having the ball at the top of the key they just double him when he goes inside, but if he caught it closer to the paint he could get better looks.

Also, I was pretty ticked off with Rivers' rotations in the playoffs, he'd play Bradley extremely sporadically, someone like Jordan Crawford would do good things and not be rewarded, and Terrence Williams got rewarded way too late. Not to mention Jason Terry single-handedly preventing the Celtics getting stops with his APPALLING D.

Honestly, that Terry signing... oh dear Lord.

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The worst part form me has

The worst part form me has been watching the Knicks go from a fluid, ball movement oriented offense with our 3 guards, Felton, Kidd, and Prigi making plays for shooters, to this ball stopping abomination. Its like, they see I big man and they forget how to move without the ball. Indiana's defensive will of course be spectacular if 50% of your plays are isolation.

Oh the reffing inconsistencies.

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Warriors play in the 4th quarter. Warriors not able to switch picks.

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"Also, the refs need to let

"Also, the refs need to let the guys play...There have been so many ticky-tack fouls, the games are slow and the rythym gets killed.."

I agree with this to an extent. While I feel like the refs have been better this year than in the past, I think you're right about the flow of some of these games. The NBA is a game of runs, and if the whistles mitigate these runs it typically swings the game in favor of the better team (i.e, go watch the Heat/Thunder). It's annoying to see happen, especially in crunch time, but I think a lot of it has to do with how precise the NBA game has to be at times.

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The Pacer's useless bench.

The Pacer's useless bench. The Pacers handled the Knicks in Game 3 and the bench still only scored 8 points, I believe

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