Most Dangerous Combos in Playoffs?

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Most Dangerous Combos in Playoffs?





or the Team oriented squads


I think the most dangerous combo in Westbrook/Durant if both are clicking this could be a very interesting playoffs in the West.

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Wade and James. When they

Wade and James. When they get clicking, they can both go for near triple doubles on any given night. Then again, Kobe and Gasol compliment eachother so well. Kobe can be have a 30pt, 6rb, 8as night while Pau is having a 27p, 14r, 5a, 3blk night without anybody even noticing.

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Duos: Wade & James Trios:

Duos: Wade & James

Trios: Kobe & Gasol & Odom

Team: Rose & Bogans/Brewer/Korver & Deng & Boozer/Gibson & Noah/Thomas/Asik

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durant/westbrook we saw them

durant/westbrook we saw them take the Lakers (who went on to win the championship) to 7 games as an 8 seed last year and the experinece westbrook gained for the national team can attribute his vast improvement this season. durant is a triple threat from any point on the floor and his combo of length and shooting touch is unparalleled. leberon and wade may have more talent but durant and westbrook games compliment each others better.

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Westbrook and Durant they

Westbrook and Durant they feed off of each other better than any other combo in the league and out of all the other combos they seem to be real friends and don't care who has the better game

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The dynamic North Carolinian white alumni duo.

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Gasol and Bynum because

Gasol and Bynum because playoffs is more half court.

I don't think Lebron and Wade are as dangerous because of that reason. They average 12 fast break points a game between them and fast break points are harder to come by in the playoffs

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I agree with Westbrook and

I agree with Westbrook and Durant. Westbrook played his whole career with Durant, aside form Durants 1st year (which was a horrible year for him), he has as well. They learned with eachother contantly feeding of eachother players game. Now they are emerging superstars in the league yet that chemistry hasnt gone anywhere. Best duo in the game imo.

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I'm a huge Thunder fan, and I

I'm a huge Thunder fan, and I agree that Durant and Westbrook have awesome chemistry together and are a phenomenal duo. I would rate them the most exciting duo, along with Wade and James. However I think the most effective duo to win games is Pau and Kobe. They compliment each other so well. I know Pau has A LOT of help inside with Bynum and Odom, but Kobe and a really good inside bigman are tough to beat as a one two combo. Kobe proved it with Shaq rattling off three championships in a row (even though Shaq was the more dominant of the two then), and is doing the same with Gasol and friends inside. I'll take Kobe and Gasol all day.

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I'm going to say Kobe &

I'm going to say Kobe & Gasol, because the key word was Playoffs.

They've been there numerous times and there games are opposite of each others and they attempt different types of shots. Not only can they score but they can play D as well come playoff time.

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what about carmelo and stat!?

what about carmelo and stat!? i know they havent played well together yet, but look out, they can still come through!

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^^^lol..yeah come through and

^^^lol..yeah come through and give up 120pts

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I know this is a thread for

I know this is a thread for the big time duo's that are going to be reckoned with come playoff time, but lets be honest...none of those duos are going to sneak up on anybody. How about we look for the guy who is going to be an X factor for a team that makes a deep run in the post season. every year there is a guy who has a coming out party in the playoffs and it catapults them into a spotlight. Who could be that guy this year?

Everybody knows abou the stars, but the team that gets the most out of its role players is going to win.

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How you gonna list dangerous

How you gonna list dangerous combos and NOT name Stoudemire/Anthony as one?

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Yep gasol and Bynum because

Yep gasol and Bynum because no team in the playoffs has a pf/c combo like that

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The biggest wildcard duo is

The biggest wildcard duo is KG and Shaq. If they can turn it on for the playoffs and control the paint then the Celtics have a real chance. For the Celtics, Rondo is a force. Pierce and Ray Allen are gonna be there. Big Baby does so much for that team, and Jeff Green should be a solid sixth man. It is gonna come down to KG and Shaq.

One of the biggest wild card trios is Jameer Nelson, J-Rich and Arenas for the Magic. Dwight Howard will dominate and Hedo is solid and does a lot of little things. Reddick can shoot, and Brandon Bass is a pretty decent power forward. If J-Rich, Nelson, and Arenas can really get going then Orlando can go to the conference finals. If they don't even show up at all then their first round series could go 7 games.

If the Noah/Boozer combo dominates then they will likely go to the Finals. In the West, if the Gasol/Bynum duo (or Gasol/Bynum/Odom) trio dominates then they will likely go to the Finals. If it comes down to the Bulls and Lakers in the Finals I think Derrick Rose needs to have a truly transcendent series for them to win.

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Most dangerous combo?

any player on the Denver Nuggets

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I have to go with Sir Charles and Kenny Smith. Ernie makes the best threesome.

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yeah the chances of Shaq

yeah the chances of Shaq doing much is slim

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kobe/gasol is the best

kobe/gasol is the best combo...but once lebron/wade get chemistry, watch out!

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Blazers frontcourt of Camby,

Blazers frontcourt of Camby, Aldridge and Gerald Wallace - may not be the best but will good to watch them match up against the lakers and thunder



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LaMarcus Aldridge and Nate

LaMarcus Aldridge and Nate McMillan

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The Ones that Get the Most Calls

Wade and James will always get the whistle that's what makes them more dangerous. They are followed closely by Durant and Westbrook, Durant gets a lot of calls for a jumpshooter. Just another way the NBA creates superstars.

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