More on Oklahoma city

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More on Oklahoma city

With the addition of Thabo Sefalosha onto their team and into the starting lineup, the Thunder now have one of the longest most athletic defenses in the league (besides Kristic). If somehow they picked up Thabeet instead of Harden they could probably have one of the best defenses in the league with the addition of his length and shot blocking abilities. Put that with there young prolific scorers in Westbrook, Green, and Durant and you have a playoff contender in the near future. Of course they will need the right coach to put all of this together.

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Their defense last year was

Their defense last year was terrible, but yeah, they have the potential. Just don't expect them to reach it for a few more years at least.

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their defense was poor...however they do have potential for great individual defenders. however the player that is needed is a defensive anchor that allows the long perimeter defenders such as westbrook sefolosha durant to take chances on the perimeter...thabeet kaman chandler Gortat can all be this type of player. i still like Harden at 3 though

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is getting alot of love today. I'm glad this site lets anyone post stuff up because then it'd be all about the Lakers, Celtics, or Pistons. The same ol stuff...although we have to deal with John Bryant crap or whatever

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