More love for Roy Hibbert

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More love for Roy Hibbert

After those pics of him hulked out came out, here's some funny ones from him trying to fit in an airplane bathroom. Spoiler alert: not well at all

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I wonder how Roy Hibbert would do living in a small, compact house in Japan.

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Haha that is a good point,

Haha that is a good point, Roy Hibbert walking around Japan would be comic gold. I constantly had to duck through doors and looked like a man mountain compared to those tiny people in Japan... and I'm all of 6 foot 1, 172 pounds

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Roy Hibbert is rapidly

Roy Hibbert is rapidly becoming one of my favorite players. He's consistently one of the more outspoken and fun-loving Pacers players, and it's obvious he loves his fans. Plus he's getting better and better as a player because he's COMMITTED to being a better player. After the thug team Indy had for the better part of last decade, players like him are a breath of fresh air.

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I second everything you said.

I second everything you said. Roy Hibbert has become one of my favorite players too for those exact reasons, especially because of how much appreciation he shows to his fans. His work ethic has been tremendous. This is his second summer in a row training with Tim Duncan. I love that he has a chip on his shoulder.

The Pacers are a team with great character/leadership from top to bottom. The only player anybody can question is Lance Stephenson, but even he's matured. He's not even the same person as he was when he first arrived in Indianapolis and you can thank Larry Bird, the coaching staff and the veteran leaders (David West and Danny Granger) for that.

The Pacers have humble/hard working players, but they aren't punks either. Gotta give Bird credit. Franchise is in position to compete for a title now and they're in great hands going forward with Hibbert, Paul George, Stephenson and Frank Vogel coaching the squad.

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