Monta Ellis in negotiations with Atlanta

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Monta Ellis in negotiations with Atlanta

Deal may start off around $10mil per year

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I don't understand what the

I don't understand what the Hawks are doing. I guess they really just want to make sure they keep getting knocked out of the first round of the playoffs every year.

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Im completely lost here. Why

Im completely lost here. Why waste cap space on mediocre players, who will not make you better, yet take you out of the lottery this year? I thought Ferry would make better decisions. Horford-Milsap-Ellis is no better than Horford-Smith-Johnson.

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If you have cap space, it

If you have cap space, it doesn't mean you have to spend it! Didn't the Hawks just sign a heap of one year deals last year so they would have cap space to sign 2 max deals to play with Horford? If you can't get your FA targets this year, work on nexts years. Don't just sign any random dude just because he's out of contract!

This should've been their process:

Step 1: Try sign CP3 and D12

Step 2: If you can't do step 1, Sign a heap of one year deals and tell your fans your rebuilding for a year

Step 3: Suck Bigtime.

Step 4: If you don't know how to suck, just think "what would MJ do?"

Step 5: Get a high pick next year and still have the f***ing cap room to sign 2 MAX players.

exuse the rant. I wasn't meaning to go that far, but the Hawks just piss me off!

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If this happens

Jared cunningham would never see the floor. I thought he could start at the 2.

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Most fans are fair weather fans, so if you put a decent team out there the seats will get filled because of the perception that this might work. If you tank no ones filling those seats and there is no guarantee you get that pick that changes it. You're lucky if your lotto picks turn you into that cusp playoff team. Bottom line is there is no exact science to rebuilding.

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This stinks of ownership

This stinks of ownership saying fill the seats and not trying to win. Why else would the joe Johnson deal get signed. Ferry diligently sheds contracts to redo what happened before he got there. Mediocrity achieved

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Glad i'm not an Atlanta fan.

Glad i'm not an Atlanta fan.

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I'm convinced Monta Ellis

I'm convinced Monta Ellis makes his team worse. I think signing him to a short team deal fits right in with a rebuilding strategy. He's a black hole of shots, and doesn't play defense. Giving up points and shooting a low field goal percentage are the two pillars of losing. Good move by Ferry if you ask me.

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the funny thing is... they

the funny thing is... they already have a guy just like Monta in Lou Williams...this backcourts getting crowded now

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I seriously wonder how some

I seriously wonder how some of these GMs get their jobs.

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Doesn't Lou Williams do the

Doesn't Lou Williams do the exact same things Monta does at half the price tag? Atlanta, go home, you're drunk.

I was hoping the Hawks would be good so I could see Millsap succeed. This reeks of typical first-round-and-out Hawks.

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Genius. Fill the seats up

Genius. Fill the seats up with offense. Tank with no defense.

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Also rumors of Bucks and

Also rumors of Bucks and Hawks doing a sign and trade with Jeff Teague and Brandon Jennings, why do the Hawks want the Bucks' guards?

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Larry Drew really want Jeff

Larry Drew really want Jeff Teague, so BJ coming to Atlanta. Kings trying to move a piece or two so they can free up money for Ellis as well. Not sure what they want with him since they have Ben.

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Well I may be wrong, but I

Well I may be wrong, but I think according to CBA rules, teams have a minimum payroll, so they have to spend money. Or else cheap owners would just sign minimum salaries every year.

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As a Bucks fan, I hope we get rid of both of them. Good luck to Atlanta who will now potentially have two small, ball-dominant guards who can't shoot or play defense.

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