Monta Ellis

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Monta Ellis

So as of right now it is reported that the Knicks, Spurs, Bulls, Suns, and Nuggets are interested in the scoring two guard. So what will be a good situation for Ellis?

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Best bet is to go to Memphis or believe it or not OKC as the 6th man watch. Teams are trying to beat the heat. Cause god knows I don't want to see a 3 peat.

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I think the Bulls will be a

I think the Bulls will be a perfect fit for Ellis. They need a scoring 2 guard to play next to Rose. That would make them that much better and it will help them push for a top spot in the East.

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I think the Bulls need a SG

I think the Bulls need a SG who can shoot and stretch the defense. Ellis is a good scorer but not the best fit next to Rose. I actually think Kevin Martin would be a better fit in Chicago.

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I think he fits well with the

I think he fits well with the Nuggets, but that's mostly because I'm a Nuggets fan. I'd love to see him on any of those teams though.

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I bet he goes to Phoenix.

I bet he goes to Phoenix. Monta wants to be "the man"

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IDK about that

He's already been the man in Oakland...he's over that now. I get the feeling he wants a chance to compete on a legit contender.

And I don't think any top-tier player would want to be "the man" in Phoenix right now.

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Out of the teams you just

Out of the teams you just named the Spurs and the Bulls would be best for him.

The Spurs need another player who can create scoring opportunities off the dribble for himself and others especially after Manu's offensive scoring and decision making fell off a cliff this past post season. He also could give them minutes at the point since they don't have a viable backup for Parker.

The Bulls have been needing a 2 guard and a second perimeter scorer that can create for himself off the dribble since Ben Gordon left. But they will be a little small in the Back court and he is a horrendous defender.

His weakness on the defensive end will have to be fixed by either Pop or Thibs and if it can be done than either team will be favored top 3 favorite to win the title next year.

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