Mock questions: NY, NJ, DET, PHI, MIN

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Mock questions: NY, NJ, DET, PHI, MIN

1) NY- If Jennings, Holiday, and Flynn are all around when New York picks, who do they take. Also, who do they take at #29?

2) NJ- Hansbrough, Henderson, Williams, who are they leaning towards?

3) DET- Johnson, Mullens, or Daye?

4) PHI- If all three point guards are available, do they go Lawson, Teague, or Maynor?

5) MIN- Which of these players would they take at 18 if they were all available, assuming Curry and Evans are at five and six? Mullens, Hansbrough, Daye, Budinger, Teague, Cassippi. I was thinking Mullens...?

Answer as many as you can, and thanks for the help.

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1. probably Holiday 2. I

1. probably Holiday

2. I think Williams because Charlotte is hot for him at 12.

3. Mullens

4. Maynor. They want immediate contributor.

5. Daye

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1 ny will hopefully and

1 ny will hopefully and probably take jennings who would be the best in the mike dantoni offense..

2 nets have said that they really want gerald henderson and they like him a lot

3 detroit will take dujuan blair before any of them if hes around but if not the next best thing is bj mullens..

4 probably maynor because i dont think teague will be around...

5 assuming min takes a pg and a sg at 5 and 6 they will probably be looking for a small forward.. probably the likes of earl clark, terrence williams, austin daye.... which would leave them with a sick ass group to build around

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1) NY- Holiday is probably

1) NY- Holiday is probably the highest amongst those 3 on their draft board

2) NJ- I'm thinking they are going to take Hansbrough

3) DET- I have a feeling this pick is going to get traded. The Rockets have to be considering moving up to get a Center to replace Yao Ming. His foot injury isn't looking to well and I would imagine they are going to move up to get Mullens. The Kings are also strong suitors to make a move for this pick. If the Pistons keep it then Johnson or Clark is my guess. Then Mullens.

4) PHI- I think Maynor as well. I'm pretty sure the Pacers are going to take Ty Lawson.

5) MIN- I have been hearing Daye goes here. But I don't know. He has been invited to the green room which would make me think he is going in the top 20. If not him then Cassppi, Hansbrough, Mullens, Budinger, Teague, in that order.

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