Mock Draft--top ten (with trades)

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Mock Draft--top ten (with trades)

1) LAC-Blake Griffin
2) Mem-Hasheem Thabeet
3) OKC-Ricky Rubio (to Minnesota)
4) Sac-Johnny Flynn
5) Min-James Harden (to OKC along with #18 pick)
6) Min-Tyreke Evans
7) GSW-Stephen Curry (to NYK along with Marco Belinelli)
8) NYK-Jordan Hill (to GSW along with Wilson Chandler)
9) Tor-Demar Derozen
10) Mil-Jrue Holliday

What do you think?

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i think

rubio will go to minnasota, and evens goes to the kings

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how is it that brandon

how is it that brandon jennings... the top pg prospect from a year ago... not even in the top 10...... minnesota isnt getting rubio.... sac town is and if they dont draft him theyll trade for him... minnesota would be STUPID not to take brandon jennings at 5 then demar derozan at 6...... then take terrence williams at 18..... thatll be a lineup of brandon jennings, demar derozan, terrence williams/ryan gomes, kevin love, and al jefferson..... which would immediately be my new favorite team...

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Knicks won't trade Chandler to move up 1 spot.

The Knicks trade is stupid no one is dumb enough to give up Chandler to move up one spot.
Warriors have Steven Jax and Maggette at SF already.
Evans to the Kings makes no sense they need a pg either Rubio or Flynn doesn't seem like the Kings are trading up for Rubio they'll take whoever is available, makes sense.

Milwaukee needs a SF now they probably keep Sessions don't need to draft another pg.

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