Mock Draft with other possible selections in parentheses

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Mock Draft with other possible selections in parentheses

1. Sacramento - Blake Griffin (Rubio)

2. Washington - Ricky Rubio (Griffin, Thabeet)

3. Clippers - Hasheem Thabeet (Hill, Evans, Harden, Jennings)

4. Oklahoma City - Jordan Hill (Evans, Harden, Derozan, Jennings)

5. Minnesota - James Harden (Evans, Jennings, Derozan, Hill, Clark, Curry)

6. Memphis - Tyreke Evans (Hill, Jennings, Harden, Clark)

7. Golden State - Brandon Jennings (Evans, Curry, Clark, Derozan, Williams)

8. New York - Stephen Curry (Flynn, Jennings, Evans, Clark, Lawson, Maynor)

9. Toronto - Demar Derozan (Clark, Henderson, Johnson, Holiday, Teague, Budinger)

10.Milwaukee - Gerald Henderson (Curry, Derozan, Jennings, Holiday, Johnson, Teague, Clark, Lawson, Flynn, Maynor)

11.New Jersey - Earl Clark (Derozan, Henderson, Johnson, Curry, Holiday, Teague)

12.Charlotte - Jrue Holiday (Curry, Derozan, Henderson, Clark, Johnson)

13.Indiana - James Johnson (Teague, Clark, Derozan, Henderson)

14.Phoenix - Ty Lawson (Flynn, Holiday, Maynor, Teague, Clark, Johnson, Budinger)

15.Detroit - Jeff Teague (Clark, Johnson, Budinger, Lawson, Flynn)

16.Chicago - Chase Budinger (Johnson, Teague, Blair, Williams, Daye)

17.Philadelphia - Johnny Flynn (Holiday, Lawson, Maynor, Budinger, Teague, Williams, Varnado)

18.Minnesota - Eric Maynor (Teague, Varnado, Flynn, Lawson, Williams, Mullens, Daye, Young)

19.Atlanta - Terrence Williams (Flynn, Lawson, Maynor, Teague, Budinger, Mullens, Daye, Young)

20.Utah - Jarvis Varnado (Maynor, Daye, Young, Blair, Patterson)

21.New Orleans - Sam Young (Maynor, Williams, Varnado, Mullens, Mills, Ellington, Blair, Patterson, Casspi)

22.Dallas - Austin Daye (Maynor, Varnado, Mullens, Blair, Mills, Ellington, Young, Patterson)

23.Sacramento - Patty Mills (Maynor, Williams, Ellington, Young, Casspi, Mullens, Thornton, Calathes)

24.Portland - Dejuan Blair (Patterson, Mullens, Mills, Young, Calathes, Hansbrough)

25.Oklahoma City - Wayne Ellington (Mills, Mullens, Young, Calathes, Thornton, Casspi, Summers)

26.Chicago - Patrick Patterson (Blair, Mullens, Young, Lawal, Ellington, Summers, Thornton, Hansbrough, Casspi)

27.Memphis - BJ Mullens (Patterson, Lawal, Calathes, Blair, Casspi, Summers, Hansbrough)

28.Minnesota - Gani Lawal (Mullens, Casspi, Summers, Pendergraph)

29.Lakers - Marcus Thornton (Lawal, Pendergraph, Casspi, Summers, Calathes, Hansbrough)

30.Cleveland - Dajuan Summers (Calathes, Casspi, Collison)

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Jeff Teague is just testing

Jeff Teague is just testing the water without signing an agent, he'll not actually enter the draft. Trust me...

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I agree...

Jeff will and should return, because he is top 5 caliber (just needs to prove he has "IT").

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I really like Teague.....but

I'd like to see Teague back at Wake with Aminu. It would take his game to another level.

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i wanna see johnny flynn as

i wanna see johnny flynn as a knick, probably a reach though. more likely curry, but maybe harden drops.

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there is no way tyreke evans is going as high as 3...i would say his projection starts at end of lottery until after the workouts. Even then i dont see him going higher than 8.

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gwh, you're probably any other draft besides this year

There just doesn't seem to be any real All-Star level impact players in this draft. I really think Evans seemed to progress very well towards the last half of the season once Calipari let him loose and be the catalyst of the dribble drive offense. I'm not sure if he's another Stackhouse, because Stack was always a great shooter, but I remember another two guard with handles, vision, and passing ability that didn't have a consistent three pointer as a freshman... Brandon Roy. Not saying he's going to be that good, but he just might have that same sort of potential.

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I believe after Griffin and

I believe after Griffin and Rubio it is definitely a toss up. Also a lot of people will move up in the weeks leading into the draft and some will fall.

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derozan will have a

derozan will have a mayo-esque jump to #3 or 4 due to potential even tho just like mayo he underperformed in the NCAA.

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Jrue Holiday is kinda high and Wayne Ellington is kinda low but besides that it's pretty good

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666Blanco, Stackhouse was a

666BlancoDiablo, Stackhouse was a terrible shooter he was just a volume shooter.....

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