Mock Draft ( Based on Needs )

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Mock Draft ( Based on Needs )

I know there will be alot of hate because of some falls that wont happen, but read thru.

Clippers: Blake Griffin - Don't really need a PF but u have to take him.
Memphis: Hasheem Thabeet - move Gasol to PF and Thabeet, u have a Amazing young squad.
OKC- Jordan Hill- A nice big to run with Durant Green and Brooky. Perfect fit for them
Sac- Rubio - techincally they need everything and take the best player there.
Washington - Harden - Arenas Harden Butler Jamison Haywood/Blatch is a nice line up.
Minny- Jennings - Foye to SG, what more needs to be said
Golden State - Demar DeRozan - He runs jumps and scores, perfect fit for Nelly
New York- Stephen Curry- Already a lock
Toronto- Gerald Henderson - they need a scoring 2. They have no perimeter scoring
Bucks- Earl Clark - Jefferson wont be around much longer and Joe Alexander is already a bust.
New Jersey- Tyreke Evans - Carter wont be around much longer and a scoring 2 to go with harris.
Bobcats- Chase Budinger - plays the 2 for and proved he can create a shot
Pacers- James Johnson - Multipositional big man who can play both inside and out
Phx- Johnny Flynn- replacement for nash

Some things i expect to happen:
1. Memphis will draft Rubio no matter what. They will use him as trade bait or live with having a future all-star.
2.Look for Portland to push their way into the lottery and take someone like Flynn or Clark
3. Phx has been high on Flynn hoping he falls there but Flynn may go as soon as Golden State-
4. Demar DeRozan could end up being this years Donte Green or Arthur.
5. Wizards will trade up to grab Hasheem Thabeet.
6. Phx will be extremely activate During and after the draft. Maybe even a deal with Memphis...With Gay, number 2 pick, and Arthur for Amare and Role player.

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Toronto Raptors...

I have to agree with the majority of your selections, except for a few :

Minnesota / Golden State - I think they will do exactly the opposite as you have predicted, mainly since the T-Wolves need a solid slashing scorer, and Golden State needs a PG to help restart the team in a new direction

NYC - Even tho there have been all these speculations about Curry going there, I think there might be a change of plans as the draft nears closer

Toronto - Being a huge Raptors fan, I know that they are very keen to draft a slashing 2 guard who will fun Triano's fast pace game, who will help the team this year so Bosh will consider staying on... So my pick would be Tyreke Evans due to his athleticism and ability to run and score. Hence dropping Henderson in the draft.

New Jersey / Charlotte - I feel that either team will benefit from drafting Gereld Henderson, mainly since VC is once again being a drama queen with the success of his team, and they will need a solid replacement. And Charlotte needs a scorer at the 2 guard, and I don't see Chase Budinger being selected in the Lottery, but he will definitely be a huge asset to what ever team selects him.

And Phoenix - Jonny Flynn is a PERFECT fit for Gentry's 7-seconds-or-less game, and will be the best replacement for Nash, considering many teams are bidding for him, and he is nearing the end of his career. UNLESS some team snatches him earlier... then I guess they will select Lawson, or another PG...

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" Golden State - Demar DeRozan - He runs jumps and scores, perfect fit for Nelly"
It makes me sick, where u see a PG in dat team ???
perfect fit when u got tay-maggette-crawfull-buike-morrow-belinelli ???
Ah ok, understand... De rozan would be a PF in nelly's mind.

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not a need

memphis has marc gasol and hamed haddadi (sic?) at the center positions, oh wait, milicic as well (could they please play him at the 4?). so they're kinda set on the 5. why add thabeet? milicic would be gone? well, gasol is their center now and in the next couple of years (he exploded some time in the second half of the season). okay, i know you expected that rubio would go to memphis, i'm just saying thabeet's not a need.

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Alot of stuff

Tim49461-Good stuff
-I love how you say Portland will move up! I can see Clark there already.
-How do you think Demar Derozan will end up like Arthur and Greene hes too athletic for any team to let him fall out of the top 10. But he would be sweet in Pheonix Nash(assuming he stays) would flourish in my opinio under Nash.(Most players will)
-I Dont like Gerald Henderson to Toronto, Tyreke Evans is a much better scorer and Bilas has him 5 on his big board I dont think he will go that high but i dont think he will go as low as 11 I see him going to Toronto.
-Bobcats I see them taking wayne Ellington....You can hear it now....starting at a guard 6-5 from North Carolina....Wayne the Rain Ellington....MJ wont pass on his Carolina boy for the Arizona guy!

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