Mock Draft 5.0 Its Makes sense

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Mock Draft 5.0 Its Makes sense

Check out my mock draft ...Give feedback on players you think the teams are not going to be pick.......

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sorry buddy

but ur mock sucks.............come on jordan hill to the kings they havent even worked him out and jrue holliday going 18............come on, what are u new or something?

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is it a 2/4 swap?

is it a 2/4 swap?

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not bad

It doesnt look that bad to me...its hard to predict anything past the number 1 pick overall. My only negatives on your draft would be Jrue Holliday slipping that far, while some people question him he still has a lot of lottery teams listing him as thier top 3. My other negative is Tyler Hansbrough..he is good dont get me wrong but I cant see him as lottery in the NBA good. His supposed 'lack' in overall size for his postion will kind of keep some teams away from him that early. He would have to have an excellent mid range game and solid athleticsm to go that early. Their is no question about his heart and determination but that can only carry you so far in the best league in the world.

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