Mock Draft 4.0

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Mock Draft 4.0

Hello, I just updated my mock draft! Please comment what you think, and feel free to leave suggestions and opinions, I enjoy hearing feedback!

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I honestly don't think my

I honestly don't think my Kings will take MCW. Just a hunch. The only scenario I see is trey burke, cj mccollum, or they trade the pick. I personally hope they trade it and take hardaway jr and adams. I don't see any pg coming in and being better than Isaiah Thomas this year.

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I've got a couple of theories

I've got a couple of theories on the 3rd and 9th pick.
Washington desperately need a small forward but I don't think Bennett is a prototypical SF. To me he's a small ball 4 first and a sf second, instead I think Porter goes to Wash and Bennett to New Orleans.
I think KCP and McCollum are the two choices here for Minnesota but McCollum is undersized at shooting guard and I think his long term NBA position will be PG. KCP could step right in at shooting guard, I think it's a good fit.
You've got a good lottery though, can go anyway.

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