Mock Draft 3.0

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Mock Draft 3.0

Open for comments and suggestions

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Not bad...dont know if

Not bad...dont know if Sacramento would give up 4 and 23...

check out my mock.

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not bad, i would be tempted

not bad, i would be tempted to do that trade for memphis if harden was still there at 4 especially if we could pick up maynor at 23

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clark and T-Will the top 12? I heard Larry Brown likes T-Will a lot but not sure about Earl Clark to the Bucks. Love Jennings to PHX...

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i dont think so...

i don't see jennings falling to 14 plus i don't see Daye falling to 2nd round cause if he is, he probably have gotten back to college and Mullens falling at 26? then it would definitely be the steal of the draft.

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Not a bad mock but I don't agree with:

Thabeet would be selected by Memphis at #4 as they already want to take him with the #2.

At #6, Tyreke Evans would be a better fit as Minnesota needs a guy who can defend but Flynn could be possible.

Milwaukee will take a PG with their #10, they are trying to bring back Ersan Ilyasova from Barcelona to play PF. Here they should select Brandon Jennings if he is still available. Earl Clark will go lower, #14 seems to fit perfectly.

I would switch picks #16 and #17 because Chicago already have Rose and Hinrich so Jrue Holiday is not really needed but Dejuan Blair would be nice as they don't count on Tyrus Thomas for the far future. Sixers could use Holiday as a backup of Miller and with his size, he would be very nice beside Lou Williams.

BJ Mullens seems to be very low, I would agree because I don't really like the guy but he is tall and talented, two things NBA teams like, he should go higher.

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