Mock draft 2.0

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Mock draft 2.0

A more revised version of my mock what do you think. Please read the comments they will help clear up some questions you may have.
What do you think?

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One of the best top mock drafs so far.

Warriors pick Flynn - Ellis probably traded if sumone wants that contract.
Sixers just traded for a SG, why draft another, maybe a PG instead.
Horents a PG, Ellington makes more sense here they need a shooter to give Paul some help.
Mavs a SF, need to get a PG/SG or center they have Howard at SF.
Kings taking Cassippi another guy that won't play defense, the foreign bigs rarely work out the guards do much better, could sell this pick to Houston, NY.

Rest of the draft is very good.

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i dont see that

i dont see that knicks-wizaeds deal going through. i think New York would like Curry but if Curry was off the Board they they would be willing to take Derozan, or Hill without giving up a player.

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I honestly think Ellis is

I honestly think Ellis is playing PG in other PG. Thabeet at 4? Johnson at 25? kinda strange.

Good mock. Check out my mock and give feedback

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love Austin to the Jazz.

love Austin to the Jazz. And if Jordan's available to GS i think they take him stead of a PG and keep Monta happy. U dont say the trades clearly, like i thought Memphis got Rubio, u dig? Keep up the good work.

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Sac will draft a PG ....

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