MKG Does he take the next step?

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MKG Does he take the next step?

Everyone loved the guy coming out and after his rookie year it's evident he can't shoot 2 feet away from the hoop. Charlotte hired Mark Price to help his shooting motion. I mean Tristan Thompson switched shooting hands. Does MKG take the next step and improve his shooting stroke this season. It's not that hard considering last year was historically bad.

I see MKG as having a high work ethic. With Jefferon and Zeller replacing BJ and Bismack I can see him getting more open looks and having a better season.

What do you think?

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Not really. Hes a glue guy.

Not really. Hes a glue guy. Hes more Corey Brewer, who i compared him too while he was in HS. Bobcats obviously shoulda took Barnes, but MKG will be a solid defender for them this year and finish on fast breaks.

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I really like MKG, but they

I really like MKG, but they paid too much for the type of player he is. I had him at #8 (more appropriate). I can't say the same for some of my other picks... eek...

1) Anthony Davis
2) Harrison Barnes
3) Andre Drummond
4) Jeremy Lamb
5) Thomas Robinson
6) Damian Lillard
7) Terrance Ross
8) Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

Obviously Beal and Waiters should have been on here. We'll find out about Lamb this year, but I haven't changed my mind yet. Thomas Robinson and Terrance Ross are a bit older and I feel better about the Robinson pick than the Ross pick. That FG% and wild inconsistency concerns me.

I think we'd see a way better Gilchrist on a playoff caliber team.

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Alot of users chop and change

Alot of users chop and change like the wind on here. I will still back him. Nobody ever predicted he would scorer 20+ppg.

From my pre-draft comments

One of my favourties. If only they could measure the size of your heart at the combine...My not be an all-star or put up great stats but you want this guy on your team. 14-18ppg, 6reb, 4 ass, 1.5 st, 1.5blk

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This guy was born to be a

This guy was born to be a Luol Deng type of player who does everything well, plays big minutes But is like a 3rd or 4th option scorer on a championship contender. The Bobcats were the worst team he could have gone too. Hopefully they can finally pick up a good scorer in the draft coming and with Jefferson and Zeller (if he develops), that will play into his stregths a lot more

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I had MKG going 7th to Golden

I had MKG going 7th to Golden State when he came out. I think MKG can be an incredibly useful player, but I see his peek as an Andre Igoudala type. The kind of guy who is one of the teams leaders at every statistic, but can't be counted on to be the number one go to guy offensively. It's not hard to imagine MKG making a few all star teams if his team is in playoff contention.

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No, not this season. His

No, not this season. His jumpshot is so far away from being respectable which is what's really stifling his development on the offensive end. I know they brought in Mark Price and they worked on his shot over the summer, but I see no progress in his form. It's like he has a mental block that prevents him from smoothing out his release. He still has that nasty hitch and he still shoots on the way down. Until he fixes that, he's just a defensive specialist and a hustler.

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As a rookie he averaged 9

As a rookie he averaged

9 ppg
5.8 rpg
.9 blk
.7 stl
1.5 apg
75% FT
45.8% FG

Not terrible and if he is averaging 6 reb and close to 1 stl 1 blk per game as a rookie those are nice building blocks. He can do basically everything except shoot jumpers. He seems like the type of guy that will put in the time to improve as well. I am still a believer.

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MKG's rookie year numbers and

MKG's rookie year numbers and look how they compare to Iggy

9 ppg MKG Iggy rookie year numbers 9 ppg
5.8 rpg MKG Iggy 5.7 rpg
.9 blk MKG Iggy .6 blk
.7 stl MKG Iggy 1.7 Stl
1.5 apg MKG iggy 3
75% FT MKG Iggy 74%
45.8% FG MKG Iggy 49%

Oh ya MKG was 19 his rookie year. Iggy 21. People calling this guy a bust are severely over reacting.

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To put it simply:

If he doesn't improve his jump shot to keep defenders honest, he's not getting any better.

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