Miroslva Raduljica

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Miroslva Raduljica

Sounds like the Clippers are going to waive Raduljica. He's 26 7' 230 does anyone have a good opinion on him? I would like to see the Celtics go after him the kid had a few nice games last year. Seems like a low risk guy who could maybe become a nice back up center. I would like to see the Celtics target him

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You can watch him at World cup for Serbian NT from tomorrow

I would like to see him in Lakers jersey. They lack big body in a paint. He's slow and not a good defender, but have few solid post moves. Could make nice second unit duo with Ed Davis

Sixers would be nice option too

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I think he's underrated. He's

I think he's underrated. He's not a stiff by any means, he rebounds well, and is a decent rim protector. When he played for the bucks, he finished at the basket and defended nicely. He's 26-27 so you could say he doesn't have much developement left. But he should have a place in the league, i think he's just a little unknown so he may not stick.

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